Robocraft Beginner’s Guide: Here’s How To Learn The Basics Quickly
(Last Updated On: September 13, 2017)

Robocraft is Freejam’s free to play sandbox multiplayer PvP game that seems to be pulling in quite the crowd. The game received a new update, and like most games with new content comes new players. This guide aims to help beginners learn how to play Robocraft, which is out now for PC.

Before going deeper into tips, tricks and info regarding Robocraft, you best check out the game’s Gamepedia page and wikia page. The two named links provide helpful information regarding things like:

First things first, the most important thing to do when playing Robocraft is to read. Make sure to read over everything that you are about to do and that includes mixing and matching parts and equipping different things to your creation.

If you don’t read, you could potentially add what may seem like an upgrade but in reality is a downgrade when it comes to your craft. The game focuses more on finding and exploiting your enemy weakness by using a machine that benefits your play style and tactics.

If your vehicle can drive, hover, walk and/or fly, make sure that it is balanced correctly in that it is not just for show but is flexible to come out on top when the going gets tough.

A video for beginners that introduces some fairly decent points when it comes to helping newcomers understand Robocraft sits below. The video comes in by AdamNadrac and runs for 11 minutes.

The next video guide aims to cover the basics when playing Robocraft. This spans across a lot of topics and what newcomers should be mindful of, but it also delves into building a suitable robot to best others during battle. The video that runs for 20 minutes in length comes in by YouTuber Frommy, and can be seen below.

Information on the September 11th update can be found over on its Steam page or you can learn more about Robocraft through

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