Ruiner’s Boss Trailer Is Filled With Explosive Cyberpunk Action
Ruiner Bosses

Developer Digital let loose a new trailer for Reikon Games’ upcoming isometric, cyberpunk, hack-and-slash shooter, Ruiner. The trailer focuses on some of the bosses in the game, including the Heavy Cyborg, Shadow, Captain Bogdan and Mother.

The minute long trailer starts with the Heavy Cyborg, who can utilize its long claws to wreak havoc on your poor body. The second boss featured in the trailer is Captain Bogdan, who uses his grenade launcher to spam the area with explosives. Staying light on your feet and nimble with your maneuvers will help you survive his onslaught of menacing explosions.

You can check out the short trailer below to get a quick glimpse at the boss fights featured in Ruiner.

One of the cooler looking bosses is Shadow, a machine-gun wielding, mask-wearing baddie who looks like a cross between Kronenberg from Hellboy and Psycho Mantis. Shadow also has the ability to zip around the arena, so you’ll have to watch carefully for when he moves and makes a dash across the playing field.

The trailer rounds out with a glimpse at Mother Engine, a large mechanical beast that has a large array of beamed laser weapons at its disposal.

The game is dark, gritty, and very stylistic with a lot of contrasting uses of reds and black. I can dig it.

You can look for the game to launch digitally for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and on Steam for PC starting on September 26th.

The game centers around a mysterious warrior with a motorcycle helmet that feeds him instructions from a woman who has him on a quest to ruin a group of bad guys scattered around a cyberpunk city. You’ll have katanas, rocket launches, machine guns, and a wide array of explosives at your disposal, as you zap, sap, slice, shoot, and dice your way through a string of enemies from the upper streets of a crowded metropolis, down into the bowels of the city where electrical grids and maintenance shafts become tight corridors of death.

For more info on the game feel free to pay a kind visit to the official Ruiner website.


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