Seven Boys 2 Otome Lands On Steam With Some Translation Issues

Seven Boys 2 Otome

Forever Entertainment and Orange Light Game’s Seven Boys 2 is a romance visual novel Otome for the ladies. The game recently made its way onto the Steam store for only $3.99. However, gamers have had some issues with the translation, which hasn’t gone over quite so well when making the leap into the English language.

Seven Boys 2 is about a young girl who gets transported into a mysterious land. Like all good visual novel stories, the protagonist loses her memory and forgets who she is after ending up in the strange new world.

The game is about seven different orphan boys that the main character encounters, following their story, interacting with them and potentially falling in love. It’s the typical Otome fanfare.

And obviously given that the game is about seven boys it also has seven different endings depending on the choices you make throughout the story. If you perform certain actions you’ll also be able to unlock some extras along the way.

The art is fairly distinct and the characters each have their own unique designs. In fact, the art is praised by the few gamers who have put up some reviews for the title over on the Steam page.

However, despite the art getting the thumbs up, the only English review points out something that seemed fairly apparently just by browsing the store page: the English translation seems a bit shoddy.

The other reviews by Chinese gamers points out the quality of the story, but the one English review points out that there are “grave” misspellings. Steam user Casear writes…

“I have played all the routes now, 3 are playable without grave misspellings, just a little but you still can understand what was wanted to say.


“But all the others have grave misspellings (sometimes you can’t understand what was wanted to be said) , i hope those will be worked on.


“From the 3 which were without many grave misspellings, i think the story is very well written, i found it amazing.”

You can tell just by reading the Steam store page that English may not be the developer’s first language and that there could be some machine translation going on with some of the dialogue.

Hopefully some of the more prominent issues inhibiting users from enjoying the game can be patched up and fixed in a future update.

For those of you interested in the fantasy-Otome, feel free to visit the Steam store page.