SJWs Rush To Defend GI Joe Comic Writer As Fans Call For Firing

Social Justice Warriors across social media and the Leftist-entertainment media sector have come out of the woodwork to defend IDW Publishing’s G.I. Joe comic book writer Aubrey Sitterson after the fandom have been calling for him to be fired for a number of offenses they deem unprofessional.

Things started with Sitterson making what many claimed to be insensitive tweets about mourners of 9/11, politicizing the event and turning it into a Left versus Right issue. You can view the tweets below.

Various people, especially veterans who serve in the armed forces, saw the comments from Sitterson as more than just a social media peccadillo. The umbrage taken up by those in and out of the comics industry eventually culminated in harsh criticisms from a number of people calling for Sitterson to be fired, including army vet Zack from the YouTube channel Diversity & Comics, a niche outlet that reviews and usually criticizes Marvel, DC and other comic books for their SJW slants.

The Left-leaning media constantly touting “progressivism” and utilizing Social Justice Warrior tactics to shame and attack people who don’t adopt their sociopolitical views, went on the attack. Bleeding Cool’s Jude Terror went on the attack with a piece posted on September 15th, 2017 with an article titled “PSA: One Of The Biggest Proponents Of Firing Aubrey Sitterson Is A Well-Known Anti-Diversity Troll Campaign”.

Bleeding Cool was joined by other agenda-driven outlets like The Outhousers, who published a piece on September 14th, 2017, with the title “IDW Firing Aubrey Sitterson Over Tweets Would Set Dangerous Precedent”. The Mary Sue wasn’t far behind, running to Sitterson’s defense as well, with a piece published on September 14th, 2017, titled “IDW Actually Considering Taking Action Against Writer…Based On the Whims of Right-Wing Harassers”.

This abrupt defense of Sitterson came after IDW released a statement saying that his tweets on 9/11 would require further discussions for their next steps, with a statement they released to Bleeding Cool that reads…

“It has come to our attention that a freelance comic book writer, whose work includes IDW titles, has expressed opinions on his personal social media account that many find insensitive, divisive, and inflammatory.


“IDW in no way condones or supports these personal opinions whatsoever, and recognizes the pain they may cause our readers.


“Discussions regarding next steps are underway. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our many fans while these concerns are being addressed.”

Sitterson’s antagonistic approach to fans, including berating the fandom for not liking the new direction G.I. Joe has taken – which includes reorganizing the Joes as a “diverse” collection of team members and art that seems to cater to those with a fetish for homoerotic art – has seen him garnering support from SJWs for his “progressive” approach to comic book writing, and criticism from those who grew up with G.I. Joe and hate seeing it get the Marvel treatment.

The media is attempting to paint Diversity & Comics as some sort of proto-movement for the comic book version of #GamerGate, an amoeba of outrage from the “Alt-Right” and the typical “Racist/Sexist/Transphobic” groups that the media broadly paints everyone with who doesn’t adhere to the SocJus agenda.

Even though Sitterson attacking the fandom looks pretty bad from a professional working at IDW, the Twitter Social Justice community is still siding with him and attacking the audience.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped Diversity & Comics from continuing to criticize the comic book industry, especially for people who are driving a wedge in the fandom and also creating a schism that does little more than turn people off of comics altogether. Zack even put together a video pointing out some of the more offensive writers in the industry who still deserve to be fired, despite being attacked by the media for simply pointing out a lot of the obvious flaws almost every fan currently sees in SJW-influenced comic books.

Others who produce content covering the comic book industry and its steep decline in sales, such as Micah Curtis also chimed in to reproach the media for attacking Diversity & Comics and the fandom.

Matt Invictus, another content creator, pointed to a more concrete reason for calling for Sitterson to be fired: sales.

He’s not wrong. If you check the stats on Comichron, G.I. Joe A Real American Hero from IDW only moved 5,884 units in August, 2017. The month before that, the best-selling G.I. Joe comic only moved 5,404 units.

For a little perspective, even if you combined both months G.I. Joe’s sales, it would still be less than 9% of July’s sales for the single issue of DC’s Batman: Dark Days of Casting.

Marvel has been reeling from a downward trend in sales for a variety of comics as well, resulting in them having to cancel a number of series.

IDW seems to be trapped between potential success and the loud screeching of SJWs. Now it’s just a matter of seeing which direction IDW chooses.

We already know that two G.I. Joe fansites, HissTank and YoJoe, have already made their stance clear.


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