SKSE-64 Bit Version 2.0.2 Alpha Released, Progress Increases

Progress on SKSE-64 bit is increasing quite well in that the team has seeded two version builds within a week that happen to be 2.0.1 alpha and 2.0.2 alpha. The progress also addresses missing hooks and scaleform ShowOnMap, which means saves and edits have no problems.

SKSE-64 bit is going strong as of this moment and one of the lead developers on board helping the team, who goes by the name of Ianpatt, has posted two new updates on the project’s forum boards.

For starters, although in alpha, the builds seem to be a bit more stable than expected, thus prompting fixes like missing save hooks, facing no issues with any saves, and Enhanced Character Edit without significant hiccups.

If the work continues like this, we could hear of another major update soon, though I would suggest not to hold your breath. What is recommended is that if you do download this new version and want to help with progress that you report stuff like “ActorBase.GetCombatStyle()” returns an empty form, but not stuff like a certain mod doesn’t work.

Speaking of things not working and working appropriately, Ianpatt recently posted on The Nexus Forums the following information regarding the last build 2.0.1 alpha:

– fixed missing save hook (skse cosave wasn’t being written when triggered from papyrus).

Following up with that news comes info on build number 2.0.2 alpha, which reads:

– fixed scaleform ShowOnMap.

Panchovix took to Reddit and pretty much followed up on Ianpatt with scalform ShowOnMap as with the following information:

Fixed scaleform ShowOnMap


And on my tests between yesterday and today playing a lot, still no problem with any save, and Enhanced Character Edit works without problems.

Lastly, just today, Eferas posted on Reddit in search of help to fix up modder Tktk1’s Dodge, Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Dragons mod to work properly in SKSE-64 bit 2.0.2 alpha. If you have the skill and time you can head on over to the given link to help provide support.

SKSE-64 bit 2.0.2 alpha can be downloaded over on


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