Some Beginner Tips for ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK Ragnarok

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Perhaps you’ve wanted to play ARK: Survival Evolved but you’ve been avoiding it because paying for Early Access games isn’t on the agenda. Well, good news: in case you haven’t heard, the full version of the game officially released on August 29, which makes your reason for not touching this solid online survival-shooter unacceptable. Anyhow, here are a few tips that will help you figure out what to do.

Which Size Matters More?

Character creation is mostly cosmetic (i.e., you’re free to make a character however you please). When we say mostly, we mean that the character creation is useful for practical reasons. Players can make themselves shorter and smaller, which makes it less likely to get hit. Also, you can make yourself bigger so that you can block other players and creatures. However, situations that require blocking are few and far in between, unless you have a specific goal in mind that need blocking often. It’s better to go small. On the other hand, you can choose to ignore this piece of advice and use character creation the way it’s meant to be: making a character that aligns with your heart rather than an overly analytical gamer brain.

No Beach Bumming

Shortly after creating a character, you’ll find yourself on the beaches of ARK. What you have to do get’s explained by the in-game tutorial. Just follow the tutorial, and you’ll be okay. Also, you’ll probably want to take on a few animals at the beach. One word of advice: avoid them until you get a weapon. For starters, take on dodos. If you want something less threatening, go for trilobites.

As for dinosaurs, don’t get too excited to fight them because they are too tough in the beginning. T-Rexes aren’t on the beach, but there’s the Dilophosaurus, which can kill beginners without hassle. There’s the Compsognathus (Compies), who are little Velociraptors. Don’t underestimate their size; they can mob and bite you to death. You can’t hope to survive against these things, so don’t expect to survive against bigger things like the ARK Quetzal and the ARK Wyvern.

ARK Survival Evolved - Ragnarok

Necessary Tools and Resources

If you followed the tutorial, then you should already have a Stone Pickaxe, which is one of the two best friends in Ark. The other one is the Stone Hatchet, which the tutorial will show you how to make. Both are ideal for gathering the following resources:

  1. Stone Pickaxe (for Thatch)
  2. Flint
  3. Raw Meat
  4. Stone Hatchet (for Wood)
  5. Stone
  6. Hide

Speaking of resources, monitoring them is an important part of the game. Most of them are used to make tools and structures. The supply of Raw Meat, on the other hand, is an item that is either cooked to replenish one’s Food gauge, or given to carnivorous animals to tame them.

Other than gathering resources, it’s also vital to keep an eye on your Hunger and Thirst levels. It’s a no-brainer to figure out how to maintain them, but some players ignore them. Don’t be like them; always monitor your hunger and thirst two stats.

First Day in Fight School

Make sure to craft weapons so that you can defend yourself. The first weapons that you’ll be able to make are spears. Fight some Dilophosaurs to get some combat experience for character attribution and to gain personal knowledge of how to fight in the game. Learn as much as you can so that you’ll have a better grasp of combat to prepare for the big ones.

Well, that pretty much wraps it up on our advice for baby steps in Ark: Survival Evolved. Now, it’s up to you on how your life in The Island will turn out. Hopefully, it’s better than you thought since you’re off to a pretty good start now.


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