Strangers In A Strange Land Returns To Steam Censored; Uncensored Patch Also Available
Strangers in a Strange Land Uncensored Patch
(Last Updated On: September 4, 2017)

SOMG’s Strangers in a Strange land released on Steam back on July 28th. It was later forcibly removed from Steam back on August 19th, 2017 on the grounds that it was “porn”, aftyer SJWs complained to Valve to have the game removed, saying it had no place on the storefront. Well, SOMG censored the game and now it’s been restored on Steam.

While a lot of people may not be fond of the censorship, in a post over on the Steam page, the developers offer a patch that you can download to restore the uncensored version of the game with the unfiltered sex scenes and nudity. You can grab from the uncensored patch from the Google Drive page. If you don’t want to use any of Google’s services, you can also download the uncensored patch from Neronite.

The uncensored patch is 1.80GB.

Also, you will have to start a new game because the official update that adds censorship breaks older saved games.

SJWs from Puritan Christian groups and those who are sex-negative from the “Progressive” Leftist side also attacked another adult game called House Party. They had the game removed from Steam after complaining to Valve about it being porn, along with spreading their disdain for the game across various media outlets. The developers, Eek! Games, managed to censor the game and make an uncensored patch available.

Now that Strangers in a Strange Land has been censored and the uncensored patch made available to download, the developer is moving forward with some other projects, explaining in the community thread

“For those interested : I am currently working on 2 more games. One with more Toony graphics but adventure style/Point and Click (like Strangers in a Strange land) and another with a First Person view. Both with similar content as this one.


“Oh and Part 2 of Strangers is also in the works. I am getting some help for all of these as well so if everything goes well I will have more news in a couple of months”

I suppose this means that SOMG will have to release the new games censored and then offer uncensored patches for gamers.

Strangers in a Strange Land, the sexual horror-adventure game, is currently available right now on the Steam store for $4.99.

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