Street Fighter 5 Menat Mod Puts The Egyptian Pugilist In A Bikini
Street Fighter 5 Menat
(Last Updated On: September 2, 2017)

A new mod has surfaced for the recently released DLC fighter for Street Fighter V, Menat. It puts the mystical Egyptian pugilist in a two-piece string bikini, highlighting the many curves and toned body of the female fighter.

Modder monkeygigabuster put the mod together, explaining that it’s a replace for her first costume and his first major bikini mod since the last bikini mod he made for Ultra Street Fighter IV. So obviously Menat stirred something fierce within the loins of his creativity, forcing him to come out of bikini-making-mod retirement and putting the curvaceous fighter into a floral-print piece that contrasts the latte-toned skin of the elegantly designed Egyptian godess.

You can download the new mod for your copy of Street Fighter V on PC by clicking on the download button on the Deviant Art page.

You’re probably also keen on seeing what this bad boy looks like in action, and thankfully YouTuber PC Best Mods has a short video available for you to see below, featuring Menat in her new bikini mod.

There is a minor bit of texture mesh stretching at the beginning of her intro when the match starts between her pectoralis and deltoid, causing the bikini top to look a little awkward as she does her pose. Otherwise the bikini looks solid.

She’s still wearing her sandals and tiara, along with the wrist bands and elbow pads.

The bikini is no where near as risque as some of the other mods for Street Fighter V characters, but you do get a peek into the crack of the mountains between her backside. Otherwise, it’s entirely too safe for work.

Street Fighter 5 Menat Bikini

Of course, many of you probably don’t care much about this new character until the inevitably true and powerful mods appear… oh you know what mods I’m talking about… the nude mods.

It likely won’t be long now; the temptation for success has already been etched into the hearts of modders, and the desire for thread-free fighting has already been placed upon the minds of mesh editors.

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for modders to fulfill their destiny and deliver the treasure trove of flesh that will indubitably undo the stature of the most steadfast zippers; thus, satisfying the unwavering prophecy of Rule 34.

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