Street Fighter 5 Rastas Beauty Chun-Li Mod Leaves Gamers Drooling For More
Street Fighter 5 Rasta Chun-Li

Modder Tanooki128 really managed to outdo himself with his newest mod, Rastas Beauty Chun-Li. The mod re-envisions Chun-Li as a Rastafarian. It’s not a mod that aims to go all out with any sort of technical wizardry, but as far as sex appeal is concerned, he’s managed to get gamers to drool all over the thick-thighed Chinese beauty.

You can download the public version of the mod right now from over on the DeviantArt page.

You’ll need about 157MB free in order to install the mod. It’s not just a texture overhaul but a complete mesh overhaul as well. Chun-Li has darker skin, no shoes, a tiny waist-high thong, extremely short shorts, and a cropped top so you can get a full view of her bountiful underboob. You can see the mod in action with the video below from BlitzMightyN7, who is always doing the good work of spreading the blessed news of lewd mods.

Given today’s ridiculous climate and media-fueled tensions regarding race relations, some minor complaints were made about Chun-Li as a Chinese woman being turned into a black chick. But for the most part, everyone was too focused on her shiny, wet skin and mostly bare body to be concerned about arguing over the pettiness of race.

There are a few hiccups in the way the character performs in the story mode, though. Utilizing Necalli’s hair seems to have resulted in it clipping through the rest of Chun-Li’s dreadlocks at times, but otherwise she appears to be a right proper alt.

SFV - Rastas Beauty Chun-Li Volleyball

SFV - Rastas Beauty Chun-Li

One thing worth noting is that a lot of people requested that this become an all new character, perhaps a female version of Deejay.

Given Capcom’s wishy-washy behavior when it comes to sex appeal it’s impossible to tell if they would give the fans what they want or attempt to subvert the request by making some hideous Jamaican chick designed to appeal to feminists and beta-male SJWs.

Anyway, the mod is available for both story mode and arcade mode. If you were interested in it you can download it now or if you wanted to request a certain kind of version of the mod *wink, wink*, you can do so by visiting Tanooki’s Patreon page.

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