Super Mario 64 Online PC Download Now Available

Super Mario 64 Online PC download is now up and ready for anyone to snag. The official download of Kaze Emanuar’s work allows for multiple players to roam the world of Nintendo’s Super Mario 64 together or on your own terms.

You can download Super Mario 64 Online right now by hitting up the main download page or alternate download page.

The actual game or project by Kaze Emanuar offers quite a bit for the Super Mario 64 fan in you. Yes, this online multiplayer mod for the much older 1996 game that brought our Italian plumber to the third-dimension, sports true multiplayer capabilities. Eight player online support reads like a nice number, but keep in mind that this is just the works of one guy, who sometimes has help by others every now and then. This one guy, though, has poured so much work into this project that up to 24 people can now play his Mario 64 Online game via the multiplayer mode.

The mod actually works and is out of its early-alpha state. Not only was Emanuar right that he was able to finish this project within two weeks time, he went over and beyond his goal by adding more content to it.

Instead of you reading about me gushing over this man’s zeal to put his words into action and actually follow it up to make it come to fruition and then some, you can watch a video showing the release and download of Super Mario 64 Online thank to Kaze Emanuar.

If you happen to be new and have no idea how to get the mod to work properly, a video tutorial shows how to access the newly released Super Mario 64 Online file and how to get it running with other players smoothly.

If you are a fan of Mario or Super Mario 64 you should definitely snag this mod while you can.


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