Tears Of Yggdrasil, Uncensored Visual Novel DRM-Free Download Arrives On Nutaku
Tears of Yggdrasil

Superhippo Studios announced that Tears of Yggdrasil, the adult-themed, 18+ visual novel, has officially launched on Nutaku. The uncensored visual novel is currently available for $9.00 over on the Nutaku store. It’s currently discounted by 10% for a limited time.

The story is about a young Japanese student who is transported to a mythical Norse world of Asgard, where the World Tree must be saved. He’ll have to face off against monsters, adventure into the deepest branch of Muspelheim, and have lots of glorious sexy-time along the way.

The selling points of the title center around a DRM-free download, high-definition CG art, multiple routes with alternative endings depending on your choices, plenty of harem content, and all of the H-scenes are completely uncensored for those of you who were wondering.

Tears of Yggdrasil Screenshot

Art-wise the game looks okay. It’s obviously not quite on par to some of the Winged Cloud’s work or some of the other visual novels made available from Sekai Project. However, part of the game’s appeal is in its high-fantasy approach to storytelling and character development, assuming you’re into that kind of stuff.

Nutaku has been really rolling out a ample collection of titles on their digital storefront lately. They would probably also do well to look into distributing a lot of the games that Valve has either been censoring or removing from their storefront, including just over a handful of erotic games from the developer RyuvsCL0UD.

Valve has been caught between a Puritan and a Feminist at this point, and they don’t seem to have a lot of wiggle room to get out of it. Nutaku, however, is already servicing perversion at a premium price and they don’t have to worry about those Puritanical pests getting in the way.

Anyway, if you’ve been curious about diving into a new VN set within Norse mythology and featuring a typical aloof Japanese student as the hero, you can pick up a digital copy of Tears of Yggdrasil right now from over on the NSFW Nutaku storefront.


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