The First Tree Gameplay Walkthrough
The First Tree

David Wehle’s The First Tree is an exploration walking simulator for PC. The exploration game features a little bit of platforming, some mild puzzle solving, and a whole lot of running around. For gamers who find themselves stuck on various segments, there’s a walkthrough guide available to help you.

YouTuber GamerZ has a complete playlist of the game from start to finish, guiding you around some of the obstacles and a few of the areas that might prove to be difficult to traverse. You can check it out below in following video walkthrough.

So the basic controls are:
A to jump
X to toggle run
B to interact

Use the analog stick to move the fox around.

At the start of the game move north until you reach a giant log blocking the pathway. You’ll have to double jump in order to get past the log.

It may be difficult getting over the log, but the trick is to get as close as possible and at the height of the first jump, jump again to gain extra height and then move up along the log at an angle moving to your left to get over it.

It’s a tricky thing given how poorly design that segment is.

Keep moving until you come across some crows feeding on a dead fox. Proceed north until the narrator kicks back in and then proceed to follow the stars and begin collecting them.

Once you get done collecting the first set of stars you’ll find some more up on a hill to your left, along with some more just down the hill straight ahead as well as some another glowing light to your far right. When you reach the glowing light, use the interaction button to uncover the buried wooden train.

Head over to the next pillar of glowing light on the other side of the canyon.

Use the interaction button to uncover the next item and then proceed to follow the sun up the hillside. You’ll find a few more glowing stars up there, along with a rock with a few more stars.

At the top of the hill you should see another set of glowing stars in the distance; move down the hill toward the stars on a set of giant boulders.

Beyond the boulders another pillar of light from a star will uncover another spot for you to dig through. There’s a toy tank you uncover from the ground and a large tank you’ll spot on the hill just beyond the star.

If you stand atop the tank you’ll see another large glowing star in the far distance alongside the hilly ridge just below the mountainside.

Move along the ride toward the large glowing star. Uncover the mound to unearth the drawing.

You’ll find some more stars leading off the cliff edge – down below there will be a small family of rabbits rummaging through the snowy foliage. Follow them just for a bit until they breakaway from your site and then continue on toward the sun and it will lead you to the next level.

Move toward the glowing star just off in the distance to dig up some of the albums under the ground. There are some rocks off to the right that you’ll need to jump off of with some stars you’ll need to grab.

Up ahead there will be another glowing star you can get along with some glowing purple butterflies that will help give you a little bit of a jumping boost. You can use the butterflies to get up the hill that has more stars that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach on your own.

The hill will lead you to a new area with a waterfall.

Head down into the valley of the waterfall and use the purple butterfly buff to reach the star up on the rock just above – there’s also a star just under the large boulder.

You’ll find a few more stars up near the waterfall. Grab them and then head back down, take some purple butterflies, and proceed to the right of the valley where there’s a tall rock face with stars leading up it.

If you have tough time getting up, you can use the purple butterfly and then go to the very corner of the rock face on the right side and use the smaller rock as a platform to get up to the flat-faced rock.

It’s another poorly designed segment that will require a lot of control trickery to overcome.

Move to the star and then keep running until you reach the loading screen.

In the tropical jungle area you’ll find a few more stars that will guide you on the proper path to take.

Nab the stars and then move up over the hill and you’ll spot the next glowing pillar of light.

After digging up the object, move back toward the edge of the stage and around the column of the rocks. There’s a series of inclined rocks setup like steps; go up.

Collect the stars and proceed to platform across the disjointed rock columns to collect the stars and to stand on the rock platform and activate it.

Head back down and across the plateau to the other side of the map.

Off in the distance you should be able to spot a few glowing stars sitting atop some large rock structures; collect them.

Move north from the position of where the stars on the rocks are located and you’ll find another glowing column of light on top of a hill just up ahead. Dig up the dirt to activate the next audio log.

A few more stars are located just down the road. Follow the pathway up to the next column of light. There’s also another obsidian rock you can activate as well.

Move around the edge of the sandbox and continue the path where you’ll encounter a fishing rod. Keep along this path to grab up more stars. The edge of the area will lead you around to a dark path through the crevice of the mountains. More stars will await you. Grab them up.

Eventually the stars will lead you toward another obsidian rock. Activate the rock – you’ll know it’s activated when a glowing light comes out and it should show how many of the rocks you’ve completed. It should be three at this point.

Continue through to the other side of the pathway and move along to the right of the sandbox – you’ll know you’re going the right way if the music kicks in. There should be a glowing pillar of light off to your right up on a small mound surrounded by some stars. Collect the stars and dig up the map.

Activate all three of the stones to remove the vines blocking the pathway into the next segment. Remember, the rocks won’t be activated until they glow.


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