Tomb Raider: Dagger Of Xian Demo Download Features The Real Lara Croft
Tomb Raider Dagger of Xian

A true Tomb Raider game remade in the Unreal Engine 4 by some indie developers called Tomb Raider: Dagger of Xian has received its first official playable demo. You can download the UE4-powered third-person platforming-action game from over on the Tomb Raider: Dagger of Xian website.

A lot of people have been praising the game as a true return to the Tomb Raider franchise, especially since they made Lara Croft look sexy, and made her tough and deadly just like the way she used to be before the feminists complained about her and they made her into a whiny, insufferable wench.

You can check out the gameplay of the demo courtesy of YouTuber steven3175. He offers up nearly 40 minutes worth of gameplay.

Steven has a real man’s computer, one that’s capable of running the game on ultra settings.

The demo starts with Lara examining a location at the Great Wall of China.

As you can see, the design of Croft hearkens back to her old-school ways, with a large chest, short-shorts, long legs, a fit body, and a penchant for acrobatics. All the things that modern day SJWs whine about on Twitter and social media like jobless, spoiled, ungrateful, pseudo-communist hipsters.

As far as the gameplay is concerned… Lara can do just about everything she can in the newer games, but more important she can do a lot of what she could do in the older games. For those of you who have played Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider, you might know that in the new games Lara is unable to do any of her acrobatic maneuvers, she can no longer flip, twirl or spin, nor can she shoot-dive.

In Tomb Raider: Dagger of Xian they made it where she has all the latest in graphics upgrades, but with the classic gameplay, platforming and puzzle-solving from the older titles from back in the 1990s. She even has her classic martial arts skills, something they stripped away from the new Lara in order to make her more feminist friendly.

Tomb Raider Dagger of Xian - Lighting

Dagger of Xian also features Lara’s iconic shoot-diving and twin-pistol combat. You can auto lock onto enemies and run and shoot, utilizing a number of rolling, jumping, strafing and acrobatic techniques while engaged in combat. This was something they took out of the newer rebooted games, forcing her to rely on boring cover-mechanic gameplay and horrible looking melee attacks.

From a gameplay design perspective, the newer games are designed for literal retards. It’s impossible to lose so long as you play along the designated lines. You don’t have to think about where to go or how to get there and you certainly don’t have to worry much about losing so long as you recycle the almost skill-free gameplay beats: cover, shoot, rinse, repeat.

I have to say that hands down, on the ultra settings, Tomb Raider: Dagger of Xian looks marvelous. The developers obviously took full advantage of the Unreal Engine 4’s capabilities and actually wanted to show what a new-age Tomb Raider game should look like. The crazy part about it is that they didn’t even need $100 million to make the game far better looking than Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider reboots. Anyone using the “Games need to cost $60 because graphics require $100 million budgets” excuse have no clue what they’re talking about, and are probably a corporate shill or a PR puppet.

Anyway, you can download the free demo for Tomb Raider: Dagger of Xian right now from the game’s official website.


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