Tooth And Tail Beginner Gameplay Guide
Tooth and Tail

There are some beginner’s guides and walkthroughs for Pocketwatch Games’ Tooth and Tail, the real-time strategy game that’s currently available on Steam for $19.99.

YouTuber Ebur00n has a quick nine minute beginner’s guide to help gamers get acquainted with the basic controls and the tiers in the game, which you can check out below.

He starts by talking about the four different unit categories, which includes three different tiers and a defense column.

He explains that in order to build units from different tiers you will need more food. The higher the tier, the more food required to build those units. You can also make more lower tier units than higher tier units.

When you start a match you can only select up to six units to use in a match from the four different categories, so you’ll need to select carefully.

On the left hand side you have the timer and the food count, and on the right side of the screen are the stats for the units you bring into your match.

You can control the commander unit either by using W,A,S,D or the left analog. The fog of war can only be scouted by the commander unit, which is effective for finding out what’s going on and where you’ll need to go.

Tooth and Tail - Fog of War

Another thing he explains is that you can’t see through the fog of war on elevated platforms. You’ll have to actually go up to the elevated platform to uncover the fog of war in that area.

If you need to quickly get back to your base, you can hold down ‘X’ on the controller or ‘R’ on the keyboard.

Additionally, Press ‘A’ on the controller or the space bar on the keyboard to take over the mill. The bigs will start collecting food from that area after building you build a farm on it.

If you need to make all units move you can just click on the area you can move your units from one area to the next, or you can hold down the button to make them move but not attack. You can also move a single unit at a time by pressing the corresponding numerical key.

Once you get the basics down, you’ll want to establish build flow for your units and structures. YouTuber AVUltima put together a guide on how to establish your build-flow and help you establish your base and how to maintain a good defensive position.

After building a mill, he suggests scouting the map to uncover the fog of war and then by the time a minute has passed, begin building some small army units using three tier 1 units, and two tier 2 units.

He suggests building up your second mill no latter than two minutes into the game so that you can start collecting food resources and establishing your units. Build two farms and two tier 1 army units.

He suggests that you need to keep pace between army value and farm value and to ensure that you have enough food to keep your armies supplied, but also make sure you’re not being blocked by not having enough farms.

Tooth and Tail has graduated from Steam’s Early Access and is currently available to purchase right now from the Steam store.


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