Tree Of Life Lets You Create Your Own Village In A Player-Driven Economy
Tree of Life MMO

OddoneGames and NeoBricks’ independently made MMORPG, Tree of Life, is an odd little game that popped up during the middle of August with about as much fanfare as the final season of Frazier.

The game is about building, socializing, and carving out your own identity in the world of Tree of Life. The player-driven economy is based on scavenging, crafting, trading and selling amongst different players after going on adventures or setting up your own makeshift shops.

The game features 21 different character classes that you can mix and match to create your own hybrid class, whether that’s a woodcutter who happens to be an archer, a warrior who can also whisper to the animals and tame them, or a fisherman who moonlights as a Seattle escort – whoops, sorry about that, I was thinking about Nintendo representatives.

Anyway, there’s a nifty three minute video for Tree of Life that MMOByte put together, which fairly sums up the overall experience you can expect from the game. You can check it out below.

It’s described as a fun, casual MMO experience for people who want a relaxed game where you meet up with people, build towns and villages, fend off your town from creatures of the night, customize your character the way you see fit, sing “Kum ba yah” around campfires and essentially get strong enough and renowned enough where you stand around in the center of town in high-level armor, doing nothing and speaking to no one, looking like a grand statue of sorts while newbs whisper praise and adoration amongst themselves as they walk by, admiring your accomplishments. That’s when you know you’ve reached the pinnacle MMO experience… something 95% of Maple Story players seem to have achieved.

Anyway, there are some complaints in the user review section on Steam about the game handling kind of clunky due to the character movement and controls. Others complained that Tree of Life seemed a bit too grindy for their tastes. Others enjoyed the laid-back combat and generally appeasing art-style, and most people seemed to agree that the crafting and building mechanics are solid.

If you’re interested in the game you can check it out over on the Steam store page. It’s available right now for $19.99.


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