Tricolour Lovestory, Romantic Visual Novel Set To Release September 20th
Tricolour Lovestory

HL-Galgame and SakuraGame’s Tricolour Lovestory is a romantic-themed, slice-of-life visual novel featuring more than a million words in the script and over 100 originally drawn CG images. The general gist is about rekindling an old love back during the school days.

The story is set back in the fall of 2005 in River City, China. You play as a young lad who takes a fancy to his fellow female classmates, and through a series of guided decisions made by you, the player, it’s possible to determine the outcome of the relationships and lives of the characters in Tricolour Lovestory.

The trailer helps put a bit more of the characters and their motivations into perspective, which you can check out below.

Artistically, Tricolour Lovestory is actually designed quite nicely. The inclusion of some of the animated CG sequences will likely go a long way in keeping gamers fixated, with hardened interest, on the very thick plot of the game.

The game centers around the young lad attempting to “paint” his feelings out and eventually make a connection with one (or both) of the girls.

Don’t think this is just another sappy love triangle, though. There are plenty of big boobs, fan-service and some sexually suggestive material sprinkled throughout the game.

Tricolour Lovestory

SakuraGame seems to have cornered the ecchi VN market with a series of games that come out and keep gamers and manga fans interested and entertained.

Also, if Tricolour Lovestory is censored in anyway, expect the modders to get to work immediately to correct that problem. Steam has been rather inconsistent lately regarding some sexual content and nudity in games, causing a few developers to have their games pulled only to be censored and restored, but they had to add uncensored patches after the fact. We’ll see if Tricolour Lovestory falls victim to a similar campaign or if the developers censored enough to keep the screeching harpies of censorship away.

You can learn more about the upcoming VN by visiting the Steam store page, or waiting for it to release later in the month starting on September 20th.


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