Weekly Recap Sept 16th: PewDiePie Vs The Internet, Google Gets Sued By SJWs
Weekly Recap
(Last Updated On: September 16, 2017)

The Culture War has seemingly taken over every single aspect of the entertainment community. You can’t piss words five feet from a tweet into the bunghole of a saging 4chan thread without someone, somewhere getting offended on behalf of someone else, somewhere else. This couldn’t ring more true than this past week where PewDiePie was put through the ringer by mainstream media for using offensive language in an online multiplayer video game, which is about as common as Hollywood actors picking up a pack of Colonix after a casting couch session.

We move from the predictable to the bizarre with the news that Google is being sued by SJWs for not being progressive enough, even though they fired the engineer James Damore for not being progressive enough, which is about as ironic as Eddie Murphy asking a trap “Are you gay?”

And if that didn’t pop the top off your muffin, Devin Faraci, male feminist extraordinaire, is back in the news after being rehired from the place he was forced to resign from for pulling a Donald Trump, only to be fired again for pulling a Double Trump and having the news air directly after he was rehired!

You’ll find these flagrantly absurd stories and more in this September 16th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.

PewDiePie Comes Under Fire From DMCA Threats

Campo Santo, the developers behind the walking sim Firewatch, have threatened content creator and popular YouTuber PewDiePie with DMCAs over their games after he made some unsavory comments during a live-stream of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Rumors have surfaced over the potential size of Cyberpunk 2077’s map, with some indicating that it could be larger than all of The Witcher 3’s DLC combined. The Super Mario 64 Online mod is currently available to download, allowing for up to 24 people to play online with one another. There’s an editorial from Will Leaman about the current state of e-sports and industry stagnation that’s well worth a read if you have time. And a new total conversion mod for GTA V is available that takes players into space, allowing gamers to venture out and about to 11 different planets.


Devin Faraci Gets A Second Chance

Faraci will have a second change at life after having his career upended from sexual assault allegations. He ended up getting into rehab and “getting help” to amend his decorum-less and socially feral behavior. However, his former boss is catching a lot of flak for giving Faraci a second chance. Beyond that, Bungie decided to wage war against Kekistan, opting to remove any imagery from Destiny 2 that appears to share a resemblance with Kek. The developers working on SKSE 64-bit have finally released the alpha version for mod makers, making a major milestone in mod development for Skyrim: Special Edition. And Pewdiepie apologized for his foul language used during a live-stream of playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, however the media still heavily criticized him even after he apologized.


Devin Faraci Screws Up Second Chance And Resigns Again
If you weren’t entirely convinced about the quality of Code Vein, there’s a character customization feature that might help lure you back into the fold. The SKSE-64 Bit team also explained why they aren’t taking donations or any money for their work through services like Patreon. Also, it came a bit of out nowhere but Bethesda and Nintendo announced that Wolfenstein 2 and DOOM are both coming to the Nintendo Switch. And only a day after being rehired by the Alamo Drafthouse, Devin Faraci had to resign again after more sexual harassment claims surfaced. And Kotaku In Action performed a brief but critical synthesis of GamesIndustry.biz’s behavior that seems to reveal that they’re trying to call to action other industry professionals and journalists to partake in activism against games and products they don’t agree with.

Google Sued For Not Being Progressive Enough

Now this is a story that’s all kinds of laugh-out-loud worthy: Google proclaims to be “woke” and progressive, so they fired the engineer James Damore for expressing right-leaning views in a manifesto, but then they’re getting sued by former employees for partaking in pay gap discrimination. How’s that for being progressively “woke”? While EA and BioWare have hidden the sales of Mass Effect: Andromeda like Hollywood hides Jaoquin Phoenix’s career after he did that mocumentary, but after a little bit of number crunching, it appears that Mass Effect: Andromeda sold even worse than you might have thought. One of the writers on Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is a full-fledged SJW, complete with Gender Studies degree and third-wave feminist critique scouring the social media profiles. Bethesda will finally address the bloatware that is the Creation Club, and Nintendo managed to beat the Xbox One and PS4 once more in the August NPD charts for 2017.

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