Weekly Recap Sept 23rd: Comic Book Writers Hail Hydra, Pepe Lawsuits Surface
Weekly Recap

The Social Justice Warriors really seem to be stepping up their antics lately. First it was Aubrey Sitterson taking the piss out of the G.I. Joe fandom, and now it’s Marvel, DC and Top Cow professionals looking to deplatform and harass a small YouTube outlet going by the name of Diversity & Comics. The top of the crop from the major comic outlets formed a secret Facebook group and actually conspired to harass the creator of the YouTube channel at this year’s New York Comic-Con. They’re hailing Hydra harder than Richard Spencer was waving that tiki torch to keep the mosquitoes away during the Unite The Right protest.

The rest of the week was equally as disconcerting, including the creator of Pepe the Frog, Matt Furie, going after Conservatives and suing them for using the green meme. Crazy, right? Well, you can check out these stories and more in this September 23rd, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.


SJWs Continue To Lobotomize Comic Books

The lobotomy of comic books continues, this time with G.I. Joe. The latest series is a chock full of homo eroticism and women leading effeminate men into battle. The gung-ho, masculine patriotism that the series was known for has gone kaput, and SJWs have gone out on the attack against the G.I. Joe fandom for not buying into their agenda-driven bullcrap. Speaking of SJWs… the SJW wetdream of Battleborn never really managed to get off its hind legs and strut across the market race toward any sort of substantial sales, and Gearbox is now ready to put down their baby like a rabies-infected dog. Battleborn officially hits the coffin this fall. The maker of Super Mario 64 Online isn’t worried about DMCAs, and here’s why. A new Sonic 2 HD remake from the community is in the works. And a new Hyper Universe NEGAcensored mod not only restored the original art but took it a step further by making the game 18+.


Matt Furie Is Suing Republicans And Conservatives For Using Pepe

The creator of Pepe the Frog has decided to turn the fight for Pepe political. He’s suing Conservatives who have used Pepe in their works, claiming that it’s copyright infringement. He’s managed to get one of the books off store shelves and it appears it’s going after a few other outspoken pundits on the Right to get them silenced as well. Speaking of Pepe, another developer created an open world game starring Pepe… or rather Papi… and some gamers think he’s going to get sued next. Bethesda and MachineGames released a new trailer for Wolfenstein 2 and boy oh boy is it loaded. The politically charged trailer has set the battle lines in the sand and it isn’t pretty. Registration for EVO Japan has opened, so if you’re interested in flying around the world to fight some Japanese players on their home terf, have at it, ace. Square Enix announced a new action-survival game at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, because obviously survival games are all the rage right now.


Marvel & DC Writers Conspire To Harass Diversity & Comics

This is one of the most bizarre stories this week, but prominent writers and artists from Marvel Comics and DC Comics met in a secret Facebook group to discuss how to bring some kind of social or public harm to the creator of the Diversity & Comics YouTube channel. On the brighter side of the table Microsoft has made some classic Halo games from the Xbox 360 backwards compatible for the Xbox One. But on the darker side of the news, NBA 2K18’s microtransactions has caused gamers to review bomb it. On an even darker note, 2K Games have attempted to squelch some of the more negative reviews out there after one site attempted to post a low-balled score in protest of the microtransactions. And the game Vampyr has been delayed all the way to spring of next year.


European Commission Paid For And Then Snuffed Out A Report About Video Game Piracy

Now here’s news that completely illuminates why people feel as if the European Union is nothing more than a collection of authoritarian identitarians: it turns out that the European Commission actually commissioned a piece about video game piracy, but it showed that piracy had positive effects on the sales of a game, so they snuffed it out. Julia Reda did a detailed report on the 300-page study that you won’t find on the official European Commission website. YouTube’s demonetization continues, this time the AI picked out comedian and voice actor ProZD, real name SungWon Cho; the Chinese content creator was hit by the demonetization blacklist. And there’s a brand new Dead or Alive game in the works called Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. The game sets players in a free-to-play environment where they buy the girls clothes, play sports games and go on dates. It’s the ultimate waifu sim with the added bonus of Soft Engine 2.0 jiggle physics. Pre-registration is currently live right now for PC gamers.

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