Weekly Recap Sept 9th: Hyper Universe Censorship Saga Continues, Harmful Opinions Banned
Weekly Recap
(Last Updated On: September 9, 2017)

At the start of the month Harmful Opinions was banned from YouTube… permanently. It came out of nowhere and most people think that it was the final nail in the coffin from the people supporting Candid, another social media service. A developer had to quit his job at Obsidian for speaking freely on a forum board from a long while ago, basically due to SJWs digging into his past in order to get him fired.

The more interesting story of the week, however, is how a game like Hyper Universe came onto the scene with a heck of a lot of potential but is now being gutted and lambasted by the fans after Nexon and the developer decided to embrace and double down on censorship. Why? For accessibility. Yet, despite attempting to branch the game out to a broader audience, they’ve managed to start the process of killing off their own user base and daily active users. These pathetic stories and more in this September 9th, 2017 edition of the Weekly Recap.

Harmful Opinions Permanently Banned From YouTube

One of the big news items this week was that Harmful Opinions was permanently banned from YouTube for reasons unknown. The account was terminated and he hasn’t been able to get it back. A review of Renowned Explorers was recently posted up along with a review of Redout. Some indie developers have been working on a new remake of Tomb Raider: Dagger of Xian in the Unreal Engine 4, and it looks miles better than anything produced by Crystal Dynamics. You may want to keep an eye out, or rather, avoid using Bethesda’s Creation Club because it’s a lot more dangerous than you may have originally thought. A new Nightmare Creatures remake is in the works, and Gearbox has 90% of the staff currently working on Borderlands 3.


Strangers In A Strange Land Censored On Steam

After puritans had Strangers in a Strange Land removed from Steam, the developers opted to censor the game and restore it to Steam. Things did go over nicely enough as they were able to also release an uncensored patch for the game. A new World War I game called Tenneberg is on its way, featuring realistic combat physics and mechanics, including bullet-drop and bullet-penetration, it’s from the same makers of Verdun. Hajime Tabata is also issuing warnings that Square Enix may not be all that pleased about nude mods invading Final Fantasy XV when the game finally launches on PC. The company may or may not take further action regarding Steam Workshop support depending on what sort of mods appear for the game. And Nintendo is aiming to bring some new, official, microSDXC cards to the market this October for the Nintendo Switch…. and you can likely expect them to be expensive as crap.


UK Wants To Lambast Games Over Sexism, Violence

Video games just can’t catch a break. There’s a new exhibit on the horizon set to go live in 2018 in September in the U.K., focusing on sexism and violence in video games, and how it relates to the gratification of males in the interactive entertainment industry. Speaking of sexy time in video games… a new visual novel has popped up called Tricolour Lovestory, featuring some luscious waifu bait in a love-triangle story about a dude trying to win over the affection of some hot chicks. New info on the Creation Club limitations have revealed that due to file record caps, you won’t be able to make or sell massive total conversions on the Creation Club for now. And Microids is re-releasing Syberia 1 onto the Nintendo Switch this fall.


Hyper Universe Devs Hunker Down On Censorship

The Hyper Universe censorship train continues to troll forward, this time with the developers at Cwavesoft actively acknowledging that they are agreeing with Nexon in the censorship issue. Not only that, but the developers will be retroactively censoring Hyper Universe in Korea. If you think South Korea is cucked and without hope, don’t think too highly of Japan, either. According to Sankaku Complex a new survey popped up revealing that Japanese single men are so beta and so cucked that they’re afraid to even ask women out. On the flip side, however, the women over there have such ridiculously high expectations they expect dudes to be handsome, rich, well endowed and smart, and they expect men to be assertive enough to ask them out, romance them, and marry them; even worse yet is that many single women in Japan feel as if they can dump dudes in search of someone better – someone who on average makes about 7 million yen a year. And South Park: The Fractured But Whole has a difficulty slider that’s also attached to your race, which has caused some outlets like Kotaku to get triggered and confused because they don’t know how satire works.

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