WRC 7 Gameplay Videos Showcase Near-Photorealistic Environments

Three new videos have been posted up for the upcoming WRC 7 from Bigben Interactive and developer Kylotonn Racing Games, highlighting the game’s highly realistic handling, driving models, and graphics. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised while watching the videos because WRC 7 looks like it’s in absolute top form when it comes to graphics and physics.

The first video features five minutes of Stéphane Lefebvre taking a spin around the entire Argentina track. You can check it out below.

Lefebvre takes the turns like an ace, and hugs the corners tighter than your creepy uncle who has had one too many glasses of eggnog on Christmas Eve.

The environments and lighting are also highly commendable. If the tracks aren’t laser scanned then the developers did a fantastic job of capturing the realism of the track.

I think the game definitely seems to have better environments than DiRT 4, but the dust kick-up effects and trails are still fairly behind Codemasters and what they were able to achieve in the DiRT series. Even still, the sense of speed is on point.

Lefebvre takes a second crack at the game on Corsica. He runs the full track, which clocks in at three minutes.

The track may be an asphalt one but it’s almost claustrophobically narrow. Lefebvre has a tough time staying center on the track while making those tight-as-a-virgin turns.

The dusk setting really helps set the mood, though, because it gives the track a lot of visual character, and it’s distinctly different from the bright and dusty Argentina track.

Also, this game would be insane playing it in VR – the hood view is easily one of the best out there.

There’s one final video featuring Lefebvre taking on Sweden and powering through the snow-powdered track while attempting to avoid dipping off the track banks. Check it out below.

It’s been said before but I feel it bears repeating: the natural lighting used for the tracks is perfect.

Upon first glance you would be hard pressed not to assume that you were looking at real life environments.

You’ll be able to play the game for yourself and see what the graphics look like in real-time on your own machine when WRC 7 launches on September 26th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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