X-Morph: Defense Cheats Unlock Infinite Health, Infinite Resources
X-Morph Defense Cheats
(Last Updated On: September 10, 2017)

The new hybrid tower-defense and action-oriented twin-stick shooter from Exor Studios called X-Morph: Defense has been tearing it up on the charts. The game is a fresh take on the RTS, tower-defense and arcade shooter genre by mixing all three of them together to create an all new action-oriented, physics-driven experience. X-Morph is definitely a cut above the rest, but if you’re finding yourself having a difficult time adjusting to the game, don’t fret, there are some cheats available to help you out.

You can grab the cheat trainer right now from the Mr. Antifun download page over on the forums.

The free trainer only contains two cheats, but they’re the two most important cheats you could use in the game: Infinite health and infinite resources.

Infinite health does exactly what it says it does, giving the main player unit infinite amounts of HP during battle. You’ll still have to keep an eye on your units, though, because they won’t be affected by the cheat.

Speaking of your units… the infinite resources only when you spawn in units and not when you upgrade them. So keep that in mind as you’re plotting out your defense path along the map routes.

As for the game itself, X-Morph: Defense is one bad mofo of a game. It takes the twin-stick shooter concept and resource management paradigm and tips them on their head. Instead of playing as a human defense force against alien invaders, you are the alien invaders. This makes for some crazy gameplay moments as you attempt to thwart human intervention and military forces as they ramp up their attacks and send in all manner of armament to stop you, from ground troops and aerial assaults, to tanks and mechs… yes, mechs.

To help aid you in battle is the ability to utilize physics as a weapon. You can blow out the support of buildings and cause them to crumple in on a tank convoy. You can disrupt pathways by tipping over towers or blowing up factories and using the debris to reroute your foes. The game is as tactically deep as it is visually entertaining. There’s even a co-op mode!

You can pick up a digital copy of X-Morph: Defense right now from the Steam store for $19.99. Alternatively, if you already own the game you can get your hands on the cheat trainer right now.

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