YouTube Gaming Adds $4.99 Subscription Options Amid Demonetization Apartheid
YouTube Gaming

YouTube is introducing a new $4.99 subscription option for those who use the live-streaming YouTube Gaming feature. It comes amid their current (and growing) blacklist of demonetization that’s wide-sweeping across the YouTube landscape, affecting a variety of channels that don’t adhere to their advertiser-friendly (or political) standards.

The news comes courtesy of a post over on the YouTube Creators blog, where they explain…

“With sponsorships, fans can purchase digital goods directly from your channel and support you via monthly recurring payments of $4.99 USD […]


“Sponsors get cool insider perks, such as a custom badge for live chat that will help them stand out from the crowd and custom emoji. These badges and emoji are designed by you for your fans. As you gain more sponsors, you will unlock more emoji to be used on your channel”

There are also sponsorship milestones when you acquire a certain amount of subscribers. They’ve also added special chat privileges for those who subscriber to a channel.

The feature is in beta for non-gaming channels, but YouTube is testing it first and foremost with games first, especially since subscriptions is how Twitch currently operates and is growing hand over foot using that monetization method.

Essentially, Google is not only starving content creators of revenue but now they want to profit directly from viewers.

The demonetization blacklisting also makes it where some channels – such as Raz0rFist who is on the demonstration blacklist – will have no choice but to make use of the subscription based model if they want to make any revenue at all from the service.

Other channels, such as a Destiny 2 content creator, a Rimworld content creator, along with some anti-SJW channels, have also been affected either through automated flagging from the AI or from manual demonetization from Google’s staff.

This kind of separation along the lines of content and politicization has many people calling it a chilling effect where people will either start covering less controversial topics or start adopting subscriptions to survive.


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