YouTube Sandbox Account Tracks Videos Censored By YouTube’s Limited State Policy
YouTube Limited State List

You likely won’t know when a video is hit with the Limited State YouTube policy unless you’ve already had some sort of contact with the creator or the content beforehand. Limited State videos don’t appear in the recommended section, don’t show up as priority content in search results, and can’t be shared or distributed like other videos. This means that YouTube is effectively shadowbanning content and if you didn’t know that it already existed you’ll likely never know that it existed… unless someone informed you that the content exists.

Twitter account YouTube Sandbox is that “someone” who will inform you about content that YouTube no longer wants you to see or view on the service via its Limited State censorship policy.

The YouTube Sandbox account lists videos on YouTube that are currently not widely available for public viewing, including EstelleNation’s “Gas Chambers at Auschwitz video, which has been flagged by the Limited State ministry.

The video was originally published on August 31st, 2017 but you likely won’t be able to find it by searching for it on YouTube.

If you follow some of the other videos hit by YouTube’s policy, you note that videos like Brian Ruhe’s “The Old Order Versus The New Order” has been flagged.

The algorithm isn’t regionally discriminatory either. Swedish videos about the Nordic Nationalists movement has also been flagged from the Nordiska Motståndsrörelsen channel.

Other accounts consisting of prank calls – like the ones from Matthew – have also been hit. Despite the fact that they’re obvious satire, such as his prank call into a black pray line asking for help about transitioning into a black female from a white male, the videos are still classified as inappropriate by the Limited State policy.

Various videos from 卐 SS Freedom Fighter 卐 were flagged by the Limited State, along with various other videos either dealing with Hitler, nationalism, or racism.

One video that was actually really interesting that ended up getting caught up in YouTube’s censorship algorithm was The Swan of Tuonela’s “Arrested for filming an Antifa rally!”.

While some of her videos are hit with the Limited State policy, some of them are not. The comments are about what you would expect from people who are against the current forms of immigration taking place in countries part of the European Union, such as the video “Migrants at their best behavior”.

Various videos classified as “race realism” from outlets like American Born Republic have also been hit with YouTube’s sledgehammer, specifically the video “Do Africans Really Have An IQ of 70?”

This also applies to videos from outlets such as Reversing The Spell, where the video “Race Realism: A Black Man Discovers The Truth About Race & IQ” was also canvassed by the Limited State policy, along with New Century Foundation’s “Race Differences in Intelligence”.

Videos about racism, religion, extremism, immigration, and various topics of history have also made under the wing of YouTube’s new policy, just as they mentioned they would back on August 8th, 2017. The company firmly, and publicly, announced that they would be utilizing the machine learning algorithm to weed out content that they classified as extremists, racists, hate speech, or supremacists, as indicated with the videos above that have been swept under the Limited State policy.

If you’re curious about what videos YouTube will continue to brush under the canopy of censorship, be sure to follow YouTube Sandbox on Twitter.


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