343 Still Trying To Desperately Fix Halo: Master Chief Collection With Xbox One X Support
Halo Master Chief Collection

Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched in 2014 with a number of issues, especially on the networking end. In fact, the game’s networking was so poorly implemented when it came to the multiplayer that Microsoft had to cancel some tournaments because the whole thing failed, as reported by GameRanx, effectively curbing any hopes for Halo: The Master Chief Collection from ever becoming an e-sports contender.

Well, 343 hasn’t given up on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, almost like how male feminists haven’t given up on becoming SJWs in order to rape women. In fact, 343 Industries made a tweet recently indicating that the anthology of shooter titles spanning Master Chief’s journey from the OG Xbox to the Xbox 360, will receive an update to fix more of its unresolved problems, as well as adding support for the Xbox One X starting in the spring of 2018.

343 doesn’t specify what the “enhancements” are for the Xbox One X, but most people are assuming that it relates to a 4K update for some of the games (or all of the games) within the anthology.

I have no idea how that’s really going to enhance the experience all that much because the art-style isn’t one that really benefits that greatly from higher resolutions the way some Nintendo games do. When you see titles like Legend of Zelda Wind Waker or Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in 4K they look unbelievably gorgeous. It’s amazing because out of the three console manufacturers Nintendo should have been the one pursuing 4K because their games the only ones that look distinctly standout at higher resolutions as opposed to the pseudo-uncanny-valley-realism effect that most of the sub-par Xbox and PlayStation games aim for, which is why most of their titles look dated in just a couple of years.

Anyway, there are no details yet on what the Halo: Master Chief Collection updates will feature for the Xbox One X, but expect those details to drop well ahead of the spring 2018 roll out.


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