4chan’s /v/ Bans Discussion About NeoGaf Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Tyler Malka GamerGate 4chan

In a move to disperse and suppress the damage being done to NeoGaf’s reputation, 4chan’s moderators running the video game boards decided to ban discussion about NeoGaf, the world’s most renown video game forum. The mods decided to censor any topic about the forum going into meltdown after more allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against the owner of the site, Tyler “Evilore” Malka.

There’s a message posted up by an anonymous moderator that went live on October 21st, 2017 with a message that reads…

“The NeoGAF scandal and/or bitching about social justice garbage is NOT VIDEO GAMES. Threads posted about it will be deleted and the posters warned or banned. If you want to talk about it go to /pol/. If you want to stay on /v/, then talk about VIDEO GAMES.”

The post ends with a link to the /pol/ threads. Essentially, you can’t talk about a top name video game forum being in lockdown and a sexual scandal potentially ruining it for the foreseeable future on one of the biggest, anonymous video game discussion boards.

The scandal started with a Facebook post using the #MeToo hashtag, where a woman claimed that the owner of NeoGaf, Tyler Malka, tried to take sexual advantage of her while they were on a supposed friendly trip to New Orleans. He apparently stepped naked into the shower with her, uninvited.

Malka was supposed to make a statement about the matter after it went public, but then opted out. The moderators and administrators responded by resigning.

NeoGaf, at the time of writing this article, is currently down for “scheduled maintenance”.

The site has been offline throughout most of the weekend.

This tactic of burying the information and suppressing the scandal from spreading throughout the internet is identical to what 4chan’s moderators, N4G moderators, and Reddit’s moderators did throughout the early days of #GamerGate back in August and September of 2014. Lots of users were banned for attempting to discuss the journalistic corruption that was happening within the gaming industry, and #GamerGate was censored as a topic throughout the web as a way to keep the skeletons of corrupt journalists in the closet.

Of course, the closet got full and the skeletons fell out anyway.

Reddit’s /r/Games/ moderators are notorious for suppressing and censoring news about video game corruption, such as the news about the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling rings. They also opted to suppress any information regarding the CON chat leaks that implicated Zoe Quinn’s group in attempts to harass and dox people, as well as logs that showed that Quinn purposefully sabotaged the Maker Studios Game Jam.

Reddit’s /r/Games/ also censored discussion of Kotaku’s blacklisting, and other industry-sensitive topics because it was revealed through moderator chat log leaks that Reddit’s /r/Games/ moderators have a filter on words like “GamerGate”, “Ethics”, and “Corruption”, and the logs revealed that the group actively censors topics about corruption within the gaming industry.

Originally, all of the censorship and widespread cover-ups from the media back in 2014 led to #GamerGate blowing up as a hashtag on Twitter. This time around the scandal was too hard to keep a lid on, even though some discussion boards like 4chan have gone out of their way to censor the discussion across some threads.