Amazon Studios Executive Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Claims
Amazon Roy Price

Roy Price, the head of Amazon Studios, has resigned from his position after being put on administration leave following an allegations about sexual harassment from a producer on The Man In The High Castle, Isa Hackett.

According to CNN, Hackett claimed that Price sent her multiple lewd messages, including the advances culminating in exchanges made at Comic Con back in 2015. Hackett reportedly stayed quiet about it because Price was her boss, but due to Harvey Weinstein being outed, she finally decided to come forward about the sexual harassment that was allegedly committed by Price.

According to THR, Hackett is the daughter of famed sci-fi author Philip K. Dick, and is actually working on an upcoming series for Amazon Studios based on her father’s works called Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams.

CNN speculated about whether Price resigned on his own or he was forced out by Amazon’s board in light of Hackett’s upcoming series and they wanted to avoid the negative publicity that might loom over the series ahead of its release had Price stayed on.

In a statement to THR, an Amazon spokesperson told them…

“We expect people to set high standards for themselves; we encourage people to raise any concerns and we make it a priority to investigate and address them. Accordingly, we looked closely at this specific concern and addressed it directly with those involved.”

There have been a string of outings of seemingly powerful men in positions within the entertainment industry either losing their jobs or resigning after years old claims of sexual misconduct begin to surface. This isn’t just limited to movies and television, we’ve also seen a number of journalists in recent times lose their jobs for sexual assault and sexual harassment. Many of these journalists all turned out to be anti-#GamerGate critics. They were against the movement because it was about exposing corruption in the media, and popular belief is that the reason they stood against #GamerGate was because they didn’t want their skeletons being exposed, similar to what happened to former Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hafford, and just recently what happened with Vice journalist Sam Kriss, both of whom were outed for sexual aggravation and both of whom were anti-#GamerGate.

The sexual-harassment-victim train is in full motion, and they’re yelling at the top of their lungs while the coal is burning hot and the perps are losing their societal spots. Don’t be surprised if more powerful men in the entertainment industry continue to get outed for sexual misconduct.


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