Anita Sarkeesian Attempts To Compare #GamerGate With Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby
Anita Sarkeesian GamerGate

Anita Sarkeesian, culture critic and creator of Feminist Frequency, has been in the news again for attacking #GamerGate and attempting to conflate those who fought for better ethics in media journalism with alleged Hollywood rapists such as Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein. It should be noted that Weinstein still has allegations of forced rape surfacing, with the latest report surfacing on on October 28th, 2017.

In a series of archived tweets, Sarkeesian wrote…

“Gamergate, Cosby, Weinstein… just a few of the times harassment or abuse of women was ignored. LISTEN. TO. WOMEN.


“We and many, many others have been screaming from the mountaintops that this abuse was happening, but it went largely ignored until now. No man, no matter how powerful, should be in a position where he can get away with this kind of abuse over and over and over again.


“Watch and share our brand new episode of The FREQ Show, “One Weird Trick for Helping Women” now.”

It’s untrue that their voices were ignored. In fact, people only ever heard about #GamerGate because of the media’s incessant onslaught of slanted articles painting the movement as a harassment campaign… for the past three years.

Some people called out Sarkeesian for the tweet, which is basically being seen as an attempt to enrage people to watch her latest video… “One Weird Trick for Helping Women”.

YouTuber Roaming Millennial, an anti-SJW outlet, broadcast condemnation of Sarkeesian to her 54,000 followers.

Many other anti-SJW pundits also criticized Sarkeesian for the comparison, simply because #GamerGate was never about harassing women, as evidenced by a peer-reviewed report by WAM! and an investigation by the FBI. Yet Sarkeesian decided to conflate a movement about getting websites to add disclosures to their content and be less corrupt with alleged rapists.

In fact, Sarkeesian did receive criticism from those who have been following some of the news surrounding the culture war because many male feminists and some of the most prominent anti-#GamerGate critics and journalists have actually been discovered to be alleged sexual deviants and sexual aggressors.

As you can see, many of the people who stood against #GamerGate have been accused of what they accused #GamerGate of, even though so far no one from #GamerGate has had charges filed against them for any sort of sexual misconduct or assault in relation to using the hashtag.

For the Social Justice Warriors and male feminists, however, the instances of sexual misconduct became so pervasive and frequent that the term “Sexual Misconduct” now has its own category on the front page of this site.

Nevertheless, Sarkeesian continues to ignore all the feminist allies who stood by her side while losing their jobs for allegedly harassing, assaulting and raping women. She even goes so far as to attempt to conflate social media exchanges made across the GamerGate hashtag with actual alleged rape.

YouTuber Mundane Matt surmised that Sarkeesian is still hoping to ride the outrage train to hits-ville, especially since her latest video hasn’t really racked up all that many hits.

Sarkeesian also lost a lot of favor in the eyes of people unassociated with #GamerGate or SJWs when she verbally harassed fellow YouTuber Sargon of Akkad at VidCon back in June. The residual effects of disillusionment from normal folks may have carried over into the ambivalence they’ve shown toward Sarkeesian’s latest efforts.

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