Anti-#GamerGate Critic And Male Feminist Facing Multiple Rape Allegations

Michael Hafford GamerGate

Michael Hafford, a former contributor to Rolling Stone, Playboy, and Vice, is facing multiple rape allegations from various women he was involved with over the course of several years. The male-feminist and anti-#GamerGate critic has found himself on the wrong side of headlines, signaling a potential end to his writing career and possibly even his freedom.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that multiple women have come forward with allegations and photo evidence that Hafford physically abused them. Some of the women have claimed that he also raped them.



Hafford was quickly identified and ousted across social media. In response, Hafford made his account private.

Archives of his tweets before the account was privated shows that he did indeed contribute to a few fairly high-profile media outlets, including Rolling Stone, Vice, and Refinery29. According to his LinkedIn profile, his last big gig was at Playboy, where he contributed to the outlet as an entertainment editor up until September, 2017.

Hafford was also complicit in pushing slanted articles and adopting extreme-Leftist viewpoints in his pieces, as indicated in his article about Zoe Quinn’s book being turned into a movie, which was published on November 6th, 2015 on

Like most other Left-leaning media outlets, Hafford adopted the narrative that #GamerGate was about harassment and sending death and rape threats, even though the FBI could find no evidence that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign.

His profile page on also indicated that he was indeed a propagator of the male feminist agenda.

So far, no reports about Hafford being arrested have surfaced as of the writing of this article. Hafford also seems to have closed off communication for the time being.

However, it may not be long before Hafford suffers the same fate as another male feminist who was ousted for sexual misconduct: Matt Hickey. After the news spread across the internet about Hickey’s nefarious schemes – along with having multiple allegations of rape looming over his head – the authorities wasted little time in bringing the anti-#GamerGate critic before a judge so justice could be served.

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