Anti-#GamerGate Journalist Sam Kriss Belongs In Prison, Says British MP
Sam Kriss GamerGate

British Labour MP, Jess Phillips, took to Twitter to publicly condemn Sam Kriss, a former contributor and journalist to Vice and The Guardian. Phillips stated that his backhanded apology about sexual assault was not enough.

The tweet went out shortly after the news spread across non-Leftist media websites that reported on the incident where Sam Kriss was outed for alleged sexual harassment, and then he admitted to it and apologized. He was shortly thereafter fired. Phillips felt that wasn’t enough, even though she didn’t know who Kriss was.

The news about Kriss hasn’t been widely spread given the fact that he aligns as a “Marxist-Leftist” according to one of his former peers. The Left have been very protective and reticent about reporting on the amassing pile of journalists and male feminists who have been accused of harassment, abuse, assault, and actual rape. It’s like they’re harboring their own from the jaws of justice, like a fraternity of foulness.

Yahoo! U.K., only picked up the news on October 18th, 2017, a day after Phillips made the tweet, because a British member of Parliament actively called on Kriss to be sent to prison.

Of course, Kriss would have to be arrested and charged first. The original victim avoided going to the police for fear of the repercussions it might have on her career prospects, but she supposedly felt “empowered” to come forward after Harvey Weinstein was fired and the hashtag #MeToo began trending where women in professional industries began coming forward to discuss their encounters with being sexually harassed or assaulted.

The Yahoo! article fails to make any mention about Kriss supposedly being a male feminist ally, an avid anti-#GamerGate journalist, or the fact that before becoming an enemy of #GamerGate (a movement about cleaning up the unethical practices in media journalism) he had already outed himself in a 2013 tweet about his true nature.

While Sam Kriss has been publicly excoriated on social media, and some of his former employers fired him for the alleged sexual misconduct, Phillips now wants Kriss in prison. However, we don’t know if charges will actually be filed or if Kriss will actually be arrested. For now this is just political posturing.

Nevertheless, you can check out a list of other journalists, anti-#GamerGate critics and male feminists who have been busted for sexual misconduct thanks to a list being maintained by Twitter user Mombot.


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