Apocalypse: The Game, Single-Player Survival Game Enters Early Access Nov 1st
Apocalypse The Game

Harley Game Studios announced that the upcoming single-player survival game set in a dystopian and desolate society, called Apocalypse: The Game, is set to arrive in Early Access on Steam starting November 1st.

The game will feature full DirectX 12 and Vulcan support when it launches, and it’s themed around players trekking through the environment in order to gather supplies, fight off zombies, and make it through the harsh and unforgiving environments.

The Early Access version won’t feature the full story-oriented campaign at first, but it will be implemented eventually. The developers have plans on keeping the game in Early Access for around six months, so expect the full release at some point during the second quarter of 2016.

A preview trailer for the game was also made available to give you a heads up about the gameplay and some of the mechanics.

Honestly? It looks pretty rough around the edges. The weapon handling isn’t bad, and the player movement looks decent enough. The zombies still leave a lot to be desired, and despite the environments being handcrafted, there wasn’t enough on display to illustrate how the handcrafted environments are better than procedural generation. Right now the Unity-powered FPS is looking kind of generic.

Also, I was surely convinced that the zombie survival bubble had popped, but some developers are attempting to find new life in the undead sector.

If Harley Game Studios play their cards right this could end up being a decent alternative to other single-player survival games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Fallout 4’s survival mode.

For now the game will feature five different weapons to acquire, and the sandbox allows you to explore and also build and craft items and structures. However, according to the Early Access page the building/crafting system isn’t finished yet and won’t be publicly available at launch on November 1st.

Once they get the core gameplay all ironed out Harley has plans on adding VR support for Apocalypse: The Game, with options to play using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. I have no idea how much of a selling point that’s going to be for an indie game, but if you need to learn more you can do so by visiting the Steam page for Apocalypse: The Game.


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