ARMS Version 3.2 Update Features New Map, Achievement Badges
ARMS 3.2 Update

A new trailer for the version 3.2 release of ARMS rounds out the basic content you can expect to get your hands on in Nintendo’s exclusive fighting game for the Nintendo Switch. The trailer starts by showcasing the characters in the game, and then it moves on to highlight some of the new features, like the sparring ring.

Nintendo is also adding some new badges to the game for each of the characters, which also come with some credits for completing specific objectives. Completing the arcade mode, winning a set number of matches, and even earning x amount of credits will earn you a badge.

You can check out the trailer below.

It’s hilarious that Nintendo is the only major console manufacturer still making first-party games that recognizes that sex appeal helps sell your character. Gamers thoroughly appreciated the few seconds dedicated to Twintelle’s tight booty. It’s a plot point that Sony and Microsoft have dearly lost due to their dabbling in the dubious dog den of Social Justice Warrior duty.

Anyway, the trailer rounds out with what looks like a new skin for Spring Man, or possibly an alternate character based on Spring Man.

The new trailer arrived during the Nintendo World Championships this year, which took place over the weekend, and even featured WWE superstar Bayley, who is sometimes an infrequent guest star on UpUpDownDown.

The biggest talk of the town of course were the badges, which seem like Nintendo’s foray into achievements. A lot of people like the idea of being able to play the game and earn extras for completing specific tasks in-game.

There are different badges assigned to different tasks, so you’re encouraged to mix and match your gameplay and try new characters as well.

Also, the metallic, exo-skeleton Spring Man has a lot of gamers curious as to who or what this new character or alternate skin is all about.

The 3.2 update with the new features will be available for free for everyone who owns a copy of ARMS on the Nintendo Switch. You can look for the 3.2 patch to roll out sometime before October is out.


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