Assassin’s Creed Origins Gameplay Walkthrough
Assassin's Creed Origins Walkthrough

Ubisoft’s Egyptian tale of the Assassin’s Order coming to rise with Assassin’s Creed: Origins is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One owners. In need of a gameplay walkthrough for the main missions? Well, there’s one available.

The game can be completed in its entirety within just eight full hours. If you want to see how you can breeze through all the main story quests and complete the core game without dawdling around with side-quests, there’s a complete walkthrough available from YouTuber RabidRetrospectGames that you can check out below.

Now if you’re looking for a more thorough walkthrough covering a few different aspects, there’s another available that starts from the top and works it way through, like Al Gore giving a masseuse a deep massage about the knowledge of “nature”.

Anyway, the second guided walkthrough for Assassin’s Creed: Origins is available from YouTube outlet MKIceandFire.


Once you get through the main menu you can choose your save slot and difficulty setting, with the options Easy, Normal, and Hard being available.

The difficulty settings will change how much life you lose in combat and how difficult enemies are, as well as how challenging stealth segments will be.

Following a confusing cinematic you’ll fight a bodyguard named Hypatos. You’ll learn how to do some basic combat maneuvers.

You can click in the right analog stick to lock onto enemies. You can use the left bumper (or L1) to block incoming attacks. The right bumper performs light attacks. Press ‘X’ on the Xbox controller to dodge or Square on the PlayStation DualShock to dodge.

Press RB + RT/R1 + R2 to perform special finishing moves.


You can also unlock additional combat moves through the skill tree. There are three different categories within the skill tree, including Warrior, Hunter and Seer. The Warrior’s path will unlock direct combat abilities, such as being able to parry attacks after blocking them. You can use the parry skill by pressing ‘B’ on the Xbox controller or Circle on the DualShock after successfully blocking an attack to use a parry counter.

The Hunter’s path relies on Bayek’s bird companion, being able to retrieve additional arrows, or increase Bayek’s ability to hunt animals and enemies from a distant.

The Seer path is based around XP building, meditation and other QOL features, such as being able to speed up the time of day.

Once you get done defeating the bodyguard, make your way through the Pharaoh’s tomb. Tap up on the digital pad to use the Animus scanner to find a way into the tomb.

Follow the path through the tomb until you get to the exit.

Press down on the digital pad to call your camel mount once the cinematic is finished.

Follow Hepzefa into Siwa using the navpoint.

Follow the tutorial and use the arrows on the targets and then stealthily take out the guards who have come to kill Hepzefa.

Assassin's Creed Origins - Senu

The Missions

Talk to Hepzefa once you complete the mission to get a level up and some experience points.

Talk to Hepzefa once more to do the Family Reunion quest.

Venture to the navpoint and your mission is to free the farmers who are being held hostage in the temple of Amun.

Take out the three guards watching over the hostages and then free them. You’ll need to pick up Teremun’s body and bring him back to the farm.

Once you get clear of the inclines and hills, you can call your camel ride and place Teremun’s body on the camel by holding down ‘Y’/Triangle.

Take the body back to the tent with the rest of his dead family and lay the body down to complete the quest.

Before you can take down the evil ruler you’ll need to gear up. So first thing is first, you’ll need to craft a breastplate. You can do so by using Senu to spot out some animals along the coastline . You’ll need five pieces of leather to complete the mission. If you have it marked on your HUD you’ll need to simply follow the icon on your screen, kill the animals and loot the hides to complete the mission.

The Water Rats mission will take you through various locations leading up to a bandit cave where you’ll need to kill all the bandits in the Amanai Cave.

Once you finish the mission and get the armor, you’ll need to then take on The False Oracle mission to find and kill Medunamum.

You’ll find Medunamum inside the house to the far north of the temple compound. He’ll be resting in his bed if you go in at night.

Once you kill Medunamum you’ll have to confirm the kill by holding Triangle or ‘Y’.

A flashback will commence and you’ll have to hunt an ibex stag pack leader. Use Senu to spot the stag and then put an arrow in his heart, to prove that you were a king… of arrow shooting.

Just follow the next navpoint until a cinematic plays.

You’ll be lured into a fight with the Roman soldiers but you’re supposed to lose. I suppose if you were skilled enough, like a king, you could overcome them.

Watch another lengthy cinematic and then you’ll have to talk to Hepzefa to start the next quest.

You’ll then switch out of the animus and have to get the medicine on the crate next to the animus.

There are a few notes you can read and some documents on the laptop to better understand what’s going on with the animus and what Abstergo is looking for.

Assassin's Creed Origins – Animus

Travel to the navpoint in the middle of the desert where Bayek will have a flashback with his son. You’ll then have to complete a puzzle using the astronomical chart in the sky. Match up the stars like in the image below.

Proceed into the city and venture to the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu.

Talk to Menehet to pick up the next quest who will give you a tour of the Temple of Sekhmet.

You’ll then need to find Menehet’s four children. Use Senu to spot the kids from above.

One of the kids is just outside the main temple hall, another is on the roof, another is near the hyena cage and the last one is down inside a pit. To help the kid in the pit just break through the wall to help him get out.

Talk to Menehet to get the next quest – head into the market and talk to the merchants to discover more about the merchant scam going on.

You’ll have to wait until night time in order to get complete the quest where you’ll need to meet with one of the merchants at night.

Follow the navpoint to the farm and hold down the menu button to speed up time and make it turn at night and then the merchant will meet Bayek in the hut.

The merchant will be a scheming backstabber. Kill the bandits and make your way to the bandit camp.

Take out the bandits in the camp and proceed to destroy the caches of fake religious icons. It’s best to take out the guards before you take out the caches, this way you don’t have to be interrupted while you vandalize the property of the bandits who didn’t do nothing.

Once you finish, head on back to Menehet to finish the mission.

Your next quest in the main storyline is the Lady of Slaughter quest. You have to find and bring Pamu to Menehet – you’ll find him inside the city passed out at the market, reeking of poor man’s beer.

The next mission sees Bayek replacing Pamu in the combat arena. Face off against Isfet’s fighter inside the temple.

You unlock a new Sekhmet Costume for winning the match.

Start the Birthright quest by looking at the three dead bodies in the stable. Travel to meet Iras on her family’s farm.

Travel north along the road to Alexandria to speak with the master of the villa. It’s about 500 meters away, so you’ll have to travel some distance to get there.

Once you reach the villa you’ll need to kill Sophronios. You can also loot the treasure to get some cool gear and upgraded weapons.

Once you reach Alexandria, you’ll meet Aya and pick up the quest to Assassinate Gennadios and the Snake.

You’ll find the mission target area in the southeast part of the city just across the bridge. There are many men within the stronghold.

Assassin's Creed Origins - Bayek and Aya

Gennadios patrols along the streets within the stronghold.

You’ll likely need to snipe the guards patrolling along the balustrade before you can take out Gennadios.

From there you’ll need to head to the Royal Scribe’s office on the other side of the town to move to the next part of the mission to take out The Snake. You’ll find the scribe’s office at the royal palace, which is a restricted zone. Move carefully through here, because you are not a king.

Once inside the palace, the royal scribe office is on the upper floor. Investigate the office to discover who the Snake is. The investigation only takes place inside the room – you’ll find a small key on the very top shelf of the office, which will allow Bayek to open a chest.

You’ll find out that Eudoros, the royal scribe, is the true Snake (which is probably the most unsurprising non-twist you could possibly imagine).

You’ll need to infiltrate the bath house like Agent 47 from Hitman.

Use the upper rafters to spot out The Snake and ambush him from above.

Once he’s dead you’ll be able to unlock the bathhouse catcher outfit, perfect for those who like to pitch.

You’ll then have to kill The Heron, The Vulture and The Ram before you’ll reach the end of the game.


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