Battlefield 2018 Potential Job Listings Reveal Deep Progression And Customization

Looking for all things Battlefield 2018? A slew of potential information regarding the upcoming first-person shooter in the ongoing series has appeared and comes in the form of rumors, hints, job listings, pictures and more that could likely give major hints to the next installment. Deep progression, customization, itemization and rewards seem to be a major focus in the next Battlefield game according to the latest job listings.

Notice: All of this information should be taken with a grain of salt even including the job listings. However, given the use of specific terms in older pictures and the latest job listings for DICE Stockholm and LA does link up with past Battlefield games predicting other titles in the series, but this information should be handled with care.

There is a lot of information to discuss here, but first, let’s start with the lesser information first and then work up to the more interesting bits.

Re-used assets in EA and DICE games

For starters, did you know that a lot of Battlefield games used assets from other EA published games? We can trace this back to Battlefield 4 using assets from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and Battlefield Hardline using assets from Battlefield 4. This trend could be used across a plethora of EA published games like Star Wars Battlefront 2 to help develop Battlefield 2018 quicker. In other words, keep an eye out for assets in Battlefield 1’s Turning Tides and Apocalypse DLCs and Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLCs, they just might provide an early glimpse into the future.

Job listings, progression, itemization and rewards

With more than 70 job openings for DICE Stockholm and DICE LA, it only means that some serious stuff is about to go down. Across the Location and Discipline section on the main Job page, we see seven job listings that offer up some interesting information about “the Battlefield franchise” and not about “Battlefield 1” and its future DLCs.

Senior Producer – Battlefield Franchise Stockholm

A Senior Producer is in need at DICE Stockholm to join one of their teams on the Battlefield franchise. The Senior Producer will be the primary owner of the project and this person will report to the franchise Executive Producer. The teams’ ideal candidate has a strong passion for console and PC gaming in general and shooters in particular.

Cinematic Animator (6-8 months Contract) Stockholm

The team happens to be on the search for skilled Cinematic Animators for a temporary position. As an Animator at DICE this person plays a crucial role when it comes to tying together gameplay, storytelling and character movement. Character movement in Battlefield 1 has a lot of people disgruntled at the moment, but this person will be responsible all the way from idea and creating prototypes and the directing of actors and stuntmen during motion capture sessions, to the final stage when animating and implementing the result into the game.

General Application for Producer Stockholm

This job section reads that Producers are the ringleaders at DICE in the making of their games. They focus on the creative vision, product road-map, user experience, and value proposition of the title, while pulling together all teams both internal and external, across multiple functionalities such as development and marketing, to deliver a completed product. This ties into using other assets from other games as noted above.

Level Designer/Scripter Stockholm

DICE is also looking for a Level Designer/Scripter. This person’s work will be focused around building “great games!”, working closely with Lead & Senior Level Designers, while being responsible for creating great gameplay with artists, coders and other gameplay designers to contribute, construct and refine the experience for the player. Improving rule sets, difficulty, pacing and progression will be a thing, too. More about this job lies below:

  • Strong knowledge of Game Design — learning curve, directing the player, difficulty levels, balancing, pacing, motivation & reward cycle, accessibility, etc.
  • Good understanding of drama and the narrative process as well as incorporating this into good game play.
  • Comfortable scripting gameplay logic, such as AI behavior and covers, events, physics, puzzles and in-game cut scenes.

Game Designer – game economy Stockholm

DICE is looking for system designers with a focus on economies and progression. This head will attempt to build “great systems” that cohere with “great gameplay”. The job will touch upon character progression, itemization, rewards, meta-systems (gameplay systems like end-game content) and overall systemic cross-pollination and balancing. More information on this job lies below:

  • Own complex game progression and economy systems that engage the player.
  • Work with a “the Player is first” mindset.

Technical Sound Designer Stockholm

The next job listing calls for Technical Sound Designer to create audio core systems for a range of high-profile, action-packed titles for Console and PC through Frostbite.

Build Engineer for Frostbite Stockholm

The last job listing on this list shows an open slot for a Senior Engineer to work in the Frostbite organization. Work mainly consists of evolving the “Continuous Integration” and “Deployment systems” for the Engine being the core of franchises such as FIFA, Battlefield, Need for Speed and many more.

Summarizing all job listings

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that the next game will be made for PC and consoles and will have improved rule sets, better difficulty, improved animations, enhanced pacing, a huge emphasis on progression, customization and itemization, as well as an update to the Frostbite engine as a whole.

Hints through a DICE LA video

I bet you are thinking “you’ve gone through all of this and made no mention of DICE LA? I thought you said they were helping?” Well, images showing DICE LA creating “their own battlefield” game alongside DICE Stockholm has been featured in a video after the release of BF1. You can see the images below:

The video showing the images above comes in courtesy of InsideEA.

Did you notice a specific image? No? I’ll throw up the image that shows something quite interest with code that reads “US_Veteran_3p_Handflare” accompanied by early work of a soldier with a rifle.

This image may or may not be an indication of Battlefield 2018’s setting, but much like the Overwatch video that GameSpot showed off that featured Ana ahead of her release — it gave gamers a nice heads up before her inclusion in the game was complete.

Lastly, EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson discussed that next year the company will bring forth the next Battlefield game during a financial call, setting Battlefield 2018 to launch sometime in 2018.


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