Bitch Hunter, Comic-Style RPG Now Available On Nutaku
Bitch Hunter

A completely irreverent game about a time traveling schlong slinger called Bitch Hunter has recently launched on Nutaku. The comic book RPG was developed by Holigapps, the same minds behind the highly popular Fap Titans, Sex Gangsters, Pussy Saga and Princess Hunter.

In the game Bitch Hunter your job is to… well, hunt down hos, bang them, and save the very fabric of time. You’ll travel across various eras engaging in sexual romps while also forming a gang of horny hunters who must fight in turn-based battles.

There’s apparently an online multiplayer component to the game as well, where different groups of bitch hunters face off against each other. Some of the missions are fairly tongue-in-cheek and relate to current day topical matters, including seeing the bitch hunter having to stop a group of feminist revolutionaries.

Bitch Hunter Preview

The key features for the game is that it has lots of hardcore, completely uncensored adult comic images. There’s also an RPG system implemented where you acquire upgrades, garner loot, and get your hands on new equipment. You also have to build up your gang of hunters and your city.

There are no gameplay screenshots so it’s impossible to tell what the actual gameplay is like other than what’s mentioned on the store page. Also, I’m not entirely sure how the whole MMO aspect comes into play.

For the most part I couldn’t stop thinking about the mock TV show on 30 Rock that was supposed to star Will Ferrell called Bitch Hunter. Nick Schuck has you covered.

I really wonder how well an actual show like that would do if it did manage to make it on air? I know the complaints from feminists would be catastrophic… maybe even apocalyptic, but you can’t help but wonder what the ratings would be like?

Anyway, if you think that saving the world and banging chicks sounds like a rocking good time, you can check out the free-to-play version of Bitch Hunter over on the NSFW Nutaku store page.


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