Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab Now Available For Oculus Rift
Blade Runner 2049 Memory Lab

Alcon Interactive Group, Magnopus and Oculus Studios announced that Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab is currently available for download from over on the Oculus Store.

The interactive VR experience based on Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 movie takes players through a cyberpunk VR experience as a replicant-hunting Blade Runner. You can interact with characters from the film using photo-stitching and panoramic rendering. You can check out a brief teaser for the app below.

Now if you’re like me you probably saw that and thought “WTF did I just watch?”

That detailed and explained absolutely nothing.

Thankfully, there was a recent video uploaded by Gamespot that features 18 mintues worth of gameplay from the Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab app. You can check it out below.

They warn that there are some obvious spoiler contained therein. The start of the project centers around listening to the chick on the monitor speak while you look at some cool futuristic buildings pass by while you ride around in the flying car. Vangelis’ original theme from the first film plays during the experience.

The game reminds me a lot of the old point-and-click FMV games from the 1990s, just updated for today’s technology.

Anyway, Oculus also announced in the press release that another project for $4.99 called Melita has also become available. It centers around an AI bot named Melita and a scientist named Anaaya. The duo go on a journey as they attempt to save humanity from extinction. Melita is a three-part series at 24 minutes per episode. You can check out the trailer below.

I don’t think these apps will really push people pay several hundred bucks for a VR headset. Sadly my sets have become experts at catching and collecting dust.

Hopefully, though, we can get a Blade Runner game that really captures an immersive and expansive VR experience set within the world that Ridley Scott had envisioned so many decades ago. In the meantime you’ll have apps like Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab to bide your time.


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