Bless Online, MMO Game Set To Hit Steam Sometime In 2018
Bless Online

Fans of MMORPS looking for a game to dabble into and play for some time might have a title to keep an eye on by Korean dev team NEOWIZ. This game happens to be Bless Online, which is set to release for PC in the West via Steam sometime in 2018.

If you have no clue what Bless Online has to offer at its core, the game is an MMORPG that lets you run around, fight enemies, explore dungeons, level up, mount animals/creatures, create your own character and do the basics in most common MMOs.

In addition to the above, Steam will be adding the game to its library sometime in 2018. This information was followed by Bless Online’s official description:

“Bless is a Fantasy MMORPG. Dive into the beautiful world of Bless with breathtaking experiences that feels surreal. Bless offers variety of contents such as RvR battles, field PvP, dungeon exploration, field raids, monster taming, and much more.”

Moreover, a trailer by BlessPmang showing the basics that Bless Online aims to offer gamers can be seen right here.

I bet you have a lot of questions after seeing that trailer, right? Well, two videos that might give you a better ideal as to what the game has to offer character and gameplay wise can be seen below.

The first video by Rendermax shows off the character creation options for Bless Online.

The second video is an “impression” video detailing gameplay aspects via the Korean version. The 30 minute long video comes in by TheLazyPeon.

Overall the game sees you called in to help a constant war between Hieron and the Union. The struggle caused by the two factions can range from simple duels all the way up to 100 Vs. 100 RvR where you contribute in “massive siege” battles. Your efforts in these battles will supposedly help build up your reputation across the game’s world.

More information on Bless Online can be found over on its newly posted Steam page or on its official website.


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