Blue Reflection Model Viewer Restrictions For West Raises Censorship Concerns

Blue Reflection Censorship

Some reports have gone out indicating that the recently released Western version of Gust’s JRPG, Blue Reflection, might be censored in the West. Operation Rainfall did a comparison between the Japanese version of the game and the Western version, noting that you’re unable to rotate the camera in the Western version when using the model viewer.

According to the site, the original Japanese version of the game features a model viewer where you can rotate the characters around after selecting an outfit so you can see how the outfit looks on them from every single angle… even from below. You can also see how the characters look when wet. A demonstration of the model viewer was uploaded by Japanese gamer Misora000. You can check it out below.

As you can see, once you select the outfit you can then choose to view it in the model viewer, where you can rotate the character around on the diorama.

In the Western version of Gust’s release, which is currently available on PS4 and Steam courtesy of Koei Tecmo, the model viewer allows you to view the costumes on the characters but you’re restricted from rotating them around to see underneath their skirts. This was demonstrated by YouTuber Andi Crimson, who bemoaned the inability to rotate the characters all the way around from every angle.

Now Operation Rainfall does make the caveat that this may not necessarily be regional censorship, but rather a lack of patching for the Western version of the game.

The site points to the fact that the plenary model viewer for the Japanese version of Blue Reflection didn’t arrive until patch 1.05, as reported by DualShockers back on July 2nd, 2017.

The game had released in Japan back in early spring of 2017. So it took them several months to hit patch 1.05 and add the full model viewer to the game that allowed users to peek under the skirts or up the shirts.

Now if you check the SteamDB page you’ll note that the game has been updated to include all of the DLC that the Japanese received back in June. The English version of the game is still missing the Vacation DLC set, which was attached to version 1.05 in Japan. As reported by DualShockers, the special event DLC and Vacation Style Sets were the ones that came with the model viewer in July.

So before getting too up in arms it might be best to wait for the Vacation Style Sets DLC to launch for the Western version of the game and see if patch 1.05 brings the fully functional model viewer along with it.