Bomber Crew Cheats Offer Infinite Money, Intel, Skills And Fuel
(Last Updated On: October 20, 2017)

The latest WW2 game to hit PC via Steam comes publisher Runner Duck and developer Curve Digital’s Bomber Crew. The game that depicts a colorful and fun-sized look at bombing in WW2 also brings enough difficulty that some gamers may want to thwart the flak with some cheats.

If you have a hard time playing games and need cheats or you enjoy tinkering with trainers, a batch of active Bomber Crew PC cheats trainers are available for download.

The game puts you in charge of getting as many bomber crew members out alive, while landing a streak of bombing runs on your counterpart. Additionally, the enemy will use AA guns, flak cannons and other means to take you down.

If all of that sounds tough, the game also features planes that you must take out. Enemy planes will use any means to damage your wings, fuselage or other vital components to hinder your bombing run(s).

Furthermore, landing your bomber is a thing. You must align your plane with a runway to complete a mission without tipping over and killing your crew.

Now that you have an ideal what Bomber Crew has to offer, cheats opting for a better experience are now at your disposal:

  • Change Money
  • Infinite Fuel
  • Change Secondary Skill Level
  • Infinite Oxygen
  • Change Intel
  • Infinite Health (Airplane/Crew Members)
  • Change Primary Skill Level
  • One Hit Kills
  • +13 Crew Member Editor

Folks looking to download these cheats can do so through website, which holds the above cheat trainers.

As always, you must be a premium member over on Cheat Happens to make use of Bomber Crew cheat trainers seeing that the download link is listed as “Premium.”

Bomber Crew is out right now for PC via Steam and currently runs for $12.74. The strategy simulator’s special 15% off promotion will end on October 26th, putting its initial price back to $14.99.

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