Boyfriend Dungeon Announced, Lets You Date Your Weapons In Order To Level Up
Boyfriend Dungeon

Kitfox Games announced that there is a new game in the works called Boyfriend Dungeon. The new isometric dungeon crawler is expected to launch first on PC in 2019. The game sees players creating their very own dungeon-diving adventurer who must “rescue” weapons trapped inside the dungeon. The real trick to the game, though? You get to date your weapons.

There’s a near 40 second teaser trailer that was released to give you an idea of what to expect from the gameplay and a couple of the weapons you’ll be able to loot and date. You can check out the trailer below.

Fitting in with the game’s title, the first recoverable weapon the trailer focuses on is a chiseled, mocha-skinned bad boy sword named AJ.

He’s sporting a biker jacket and red pants, looking like he stepped off a romance novel and then got visual-novelized. In fact, he looks similar to the gay dads from Dream Daddy: Dating Simulator.

The trailer also showcases Valeria, a dagger who has some anger issues and working through a troubled past. Sadly Valeria is not topless like AJ, but it does verify that you don’t just have to loot the dungeons of dudes.

Near the end of the trailer there’s a quick showcase of some of the other weapons, including a black dude who is an epee. The other datable weapons are blacked out for now and haven’t been revealed yet.

We do know that there is at least another dude who can be dated based on his silhouette, a short-haired looking chick, along with another dame who appears to be kind of uppity based on her silhouette. Heck, there’s even a cat that you can date if you don’t mind crossing the bridge of interspecies relationships. I can only imagine the furries coming out of the woodwork asking for representation in the game via some kind of muscly fox.

Anyway, before the content devolves into cancerous territory about furry fetishes, you can learn more about Boyfriend Dungeon or sign up for the newsletter to keep track of the development of the game by visiting the official website.

Also, PQube is already interested in publishing the game, so expect a multi-platform release when the time comes. And if you’re into the music from the trailer, feel free to check out more of Ramsey Kharroubi’s work over on the official website.


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