Call Of Duty: WW2 Implied Rape Scene Censored To Appease Australia
Call of Duty WW2 Rape Censored

Activision had Sledgehammer Games altered an implied rape scene in the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII at the behest of Australia’s Classification Board after they encountered the implied rape scene. If you don’t want to know about the scene being removed then you may as well turn heel and step off to another website because this news article is about a spoiler in the game’s story mode, and it’s going to be reported on without remorse.

Anyway, Gamespot is reporting that in one of the scenes where you play as the French female rebel leader, Rousseau, you’ll happen upon a soldier dragging a female kicking and screaming into a room where he will proceed to rape the woman unless players intervene. The scene is described in detail as the following…

“”In one section of the game, the player controls Rosseau, a female spy, as she infiltrates a German building. While inside, she witnesses a woman as she is dragged by a Nazi soldier into a closet, against her will, screaming, “You’re all pigs!” Rosseau opens the closet door, as the soldier says, “Leave. This is none of your business.” The player is then given the option to kill the soldier or leave.”

Australia’s Classification Board got triggered by the scene and gave the game an R18+ rating and an extra label of “Threat of Sexual Violence”.

Call of Duty WW2 Rape

So the developers removed the sound of the soldier’s pants unzipping, along with changing the clothing attire of the woman by putting her on pants instead of wearing a skirt. The Classification Board reportedly kept the R18+ rating but removed the “Threat of Sexual Violence” label.

Gamespot is unsure if the censored scene will still be censored in the North American release of the game or if it was just censored for Australia.

Censored Gaming also covered the news recently.

Some of the commenters at the bottom of the article noted how Call of Duty: WWII is being butchered so badly that there won’t be much left when it comes time for its release in November for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Originally Sledgehammer noted that they removed Swastikas from multiplayer so as not to “glorify” the Nazi imagery.

However, the developers then took an odd direction when Sledgehammer confirmed that the multiplayer will have black female Nazis, and they also attempted to pay lip-service to SJWs by claiming that the campaign mode would feature Diversity™ and inclusiveness. As evident with the scene above, players will be in control of a female soldier during World War II.

Sledgehammer blindly believes that by kowtowing to SJWs with Call of Duty they’ll be able to broaden the brand’s appeal.

So far a lot of hardcore gamers haven’t been pleased with Sledgehammer bending over for Social Justice Warriors. However, this is unsurprising from the development studio since one of the co-founders is friends with Anita Sarkeesian, a culture critic renown for advocating anti-gaming tenets and someone who used to date a guy who constantly wants to ruin the fun for all of us real gamers.


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