CCP’s VR Endeavors Backfire; Layoffs And Studio Closure Ensue
EVE Valkyrie

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CCP tried their hand at the virtual reality game, but things didn’t quite work out with the expensive EVE Valkyrie for PC and PS4. In a statement picked up by PCGamesN from Icelandic news site, CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson explained…

“Despite the success of the VR games we have released we will be shifting our focus to our PC and mobile initiatives, and will be centralizing those initiatives, along with the support of our existing VR games, to our offices in Reykjavík and London,”


“We will continue to support our VR games but will not be making material VR investments until we see market conditions that justify further investments beyond what we have already made. I am very proud of our VR games and, more importantly, of the people here who made them.”

This basically proves that the economy is reflecting how most gamers view VR: it’s a gimmicky, tech demo-laden, unenterprising venture.

Most games for VR headsets are boring, limited, and lack the immersiveness or gameplay variety available in games that don’t have VR requirements. In fact, there’s no game that’s better in VR that can’t be played without the headset. The only minor exception might be Superhot from the Superhot Team, but in actuality the highlight of Superhot VR is the ability to use the VR motion controls that make the game far more fun to play than with the keyboard and mouse, but it’s hardly the actual virtual reality that makes Superhot VR fun.

Despite having to close down two studios and moving away from making mobile games, CCP is getting back to making real games, with an upcoming first-person shooter project on the horizon called Project Nova that they have plans on releasing within the next 18 months.

After having laid off 1,000 employees and announced that they’re stepping away from VR at the moment, it’s quite obvious that it’s more expensive to make VR games and the payoff certainly isn’t worth it. Until the technology allows for cheaper headsets, wireless options, and better locomotive controls, VR will continue to be an overly expensive, hardware-taxing, limited gaming experience that will likely sink more studios than grow studios.



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