Cinderella Escape 2: Revenge R18 Uncensored Patch Available For Download
Cinderella Escape 2 Uncensored Patch
(Last Updated On: October 9, 2017)

The kinky beat-’em-up sequel from Hajime Doujin Circle called Cinderella Escape 2: Revenge has launched on Steam. The game is a follow up to Cinderella Escape! R12, and gives gamers a story continuation of Cinderella after she attains her new goddess powers. The game is currently available on the Steam store for $14.99.

Cinderella finds herself having to fight her way towards escape and in a brutal attempt to retain her innocence, all while facing off against hordes of enemies, and attempting to finally meet the Prince in a face-to-face battle.

The sequel takes a huge divergence from the previous game, insofar that you’re no longer aimlessly wandering around a dungeon to solve puzzles. Instead, the game plays out very much like Tamsoft’s Senran Kagura games. You’ll have basic melee attacks along with special moves to unleash on opponents. You can get a brief glimpse of what the gameplay is like all while listening to the intro theme song with the launch trailer below.

You’ll have two sequences of attacks you can mix and match, along with a dodge and guard feature. Given that the game is all about sexy-time moments, it features multiple costumes you can equip and durability for the costumes. When the durability gets too low Cinderella’s costume will break apart, putting her in her tighty-whities.

Speaking of Cinderella’s underwear… you can actually customize her panties, her hair, her outfit and her accessories.

You can unlock additional items to help her grow stronger across the 14 chapters and 50 quest challenges, which have 33 different cut-scenes intermingled in between.

The original game came under some scrutiny for its explicit content, but this time around Hajime launched Cinderella Escape 2 in its censored form on Steam, but offered up dedicated gamers a way to turn the game into the R18 uncensored version.

Cinderella Escape 2 R18 Patch

The uncensored patch contains a lot of bondage gear, rings, a new quest, additional lingerie, and the nude filters. Given that the game didn’t launch on Steam with full uncensored sex and nudity, you shouldn’t have to worry about SJWs trying to get the game censored.

You can download the patch right now from over on Hajime’s Patreon page.

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