Detroit: Become Human Trailer Tries To Make The Choices Matter
Detroit Become Human

One of the biggest issues with games where you’re given multiple pathways and choices to explore is that oftentimes the results of those choices always seem manufactured to fit into a predefined column of a couple of pre-selected endings. In a way, visual novels have sort of excelled where traditional video games have failed when it comes to choice, offering players multiple character routes that drastically changes the arcs, as well as a variety of different endings that drastically change the outcome. Well, David Cage’s upcoming Detroit: Become Human is one of those AAA-style games that seems to be promoting the idea that the choices really do matter because the outcomes will be varied and unpredictable.

I don’t know how true any of it will be in regard to how the choices will shape the final outcome of the story in the game, but we do get to see a wide variety of outcomes on display with the Paris Games Week trailer for the PS4 exclusive from Quantic Dream, Detroit: Become Human.

The story of the trailer revolves around Alice and her abusive. Players take on the role of the android caretaker Kara. Players will have a variety of choices that completely alter the way the outcomes play out, from Kara getting abused along with Alice, to Kara shooting and killing Alice’s old man, to Kara and Alice escaping from the house.

There are a few questions I have about this that maybe the game will answer: How the heck can this dude living in such a poor looking neighborhood afford such a high-quality android? Second, why the heck would you buy an android to take care of your daughter and not just get a sex-bot to replace the wife? Like seriously… this dude has MGTOW written all over him but he decides to hire a robot for nanny purposes instead of the most obvious thing an aging, lonely, out-of-shape dude would really buy a hot looking android for.

Also, what the heck does Kara expect to do with Alice once they escape from the abusive father? They need money, right? I’m sure Kara has to recharge her batteries somewhere. Alice will need food and clothes. What will they do for shelter?

Now what would be cool is if Mr. Abuser decided to call the android police, and the other playable cop character comes onto the scene and has to track Kara done and put her back into her android place. We do know that apparently the white android cop will have to hunt down that mulatto android played by Jesse Williams, so that should be interesting.

You can look for Detroit: Become Human to launch in 2018 for the PS4.


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