Disqus Disables And Censors All Comments On Richard Spencer’s Alt Right Website
Alt Right Censored

Richard Spencer’s AltRight.com posted an update on October 22nd, 2017 indicating that Disqus has permanently disabled all of the comments and API on the website. This was following the fallout from Florida.

In the post, Vincent Law explains…

“So we no longer have a Disqus-powered comment section.
This will hamper the discussion because of the relative ease that Disqus allowed users to check the history of posters to see if they literally made their account solely to shill on our site or whether they were a Boomer nationalist that had stumbled over from Breitbart.


“[…] After Charlottesville, we got kicked off many platforms by the globo-homo-corpo oligarchy. Still, unlike the Stormer, we didn’t get our domain stolen by Google, so we dodged a bullet there, I suppose. For now, it’s just Disqus.”

Law doesn’t say exactly why Disqus shut down all the comments, but it’s not surprising there were was very little follow-up or investigation from outside parties given that this news flew well under the radar. Lately most of the headlines have been occupied by anti-#GamerGate journalists and Social Justice Warrior male feminists being outed and fired for alleged sexual misconduct.

However, the Alt-Right website wasn’t the only one in recent times to have its entire comment section shut down by Disqus. Recently the anti-SJW, anti-feminist website Return of Kings also had their Disqus comments shut down and wiped. The comment company sent out word about pulling the API from the platform on October 16th, and by October 23rd Disqus had completely wiped out Return of Kings comments.

If you check the Alt-Right website you’ll now see that the comment section has been reverted to the classic WordPress comments.

All the Disqus comments that used to be on the site now only live on through archives.

Some worry that Disqus may be stepping over the boundary, purposefully censoring and banning entire communities via nebulous reasoning. In both cases there was no actual reason given as to why the Disqus platform was pulled from Return of Kings or Alt-Right, but in the case of the former they were specifically told that Return of Kings violated their terms of service. When reached for comment regarding the specifics of the TOS violation, Disqus opted not to respond.

A lot of censorship has been happening lately from large tech corporations under the guise of stopping “hate speech”, but the term “hate speech” has been vague and ill-defined. What constitutes “hate speech” in the eyes of Disqus has been opaque for those on the outside looking in. This has given big tech companies carte blanche to censor who they please, whenever they want.


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