Erica, Full Motion Video Thriller Coming To PS4
Erica Game

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sony London Studio announced during the Paris Games Week that a new full-motion video thriller called Erica is in development for release on the PS4.

The game is a FMV thriller where players will attempt to help Erica for whatever it is she finds herself involved in. The trailer starts with Erica receiving a mysterious call from a woman. However, the trailer introduces some PlayStation PlayLink interactivity as there’s an option to answer the woman in one of two different ways.

You can check out the trailer below.

Throughout the trailer we see a couple of instances where players will be able to move the cursor around and make a few key decisions for Erica. The choices all appear to be binary based on the trailer, but maybe more options will open up as you play the game?

Beyond making seemingly banal choices for Erica that will surely (hopefully?) lead to startling outcomes is the addition of some minor environmental interactivity. We see a scene where players will have to manually turn a key to open the door, or flip the pages in a book. I’m hoping that this doesn’t mean that the interactivity is limited to wholly linear options, but we’ll likely find out more about the actual interactivity closer to release.

The PlayLink was supposed to be the selling point for Erica, along with the HD full motion video. It’s weird seeing so many FMV-style games making a comeback these days.

It looks like it might be a fairly short title, not unlike the other FMV titles that come out this year, Late Shift, which came out earlier in the spring, along with Infectious Madness Of Doctor Dekker.

Hopefully there’s a bit more to the game than what we saw in the trailer, because otherwise I tend to doubt that PlayStation gamers are going to be all that thrilled with a short, linear gameplay experience.


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