Explore the Plains of Eidolon in Warframe’s Newest Expansion

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Summary: The Plains of Eidolon expansion releases this fall for Warframe. It will change many things about the gameplay of Warframe, including the first Open Zone map, which enables players to explore at their leisure.

The Plains of Eidolon expansion was announced last July of this year during the Tennocon. Since then, some trailers and gameplay demo videos have released. The expansion will feature the first Open Zone in the game, where Tenno can explore and fight through.

About the Plains of Eidolon

The map measures almost 5 square kilometers in area, a far cry from the contained maps of usual missions. It’s located on Earth and was the site of an Old War battle between the Orokin and the Sentients. Skeletal remnants of the latter survived scattered through the land; also, they are being studied by the Grineer.

A new narrative is told through the inhabitants of Cetus, a settlement of scavengers called “Ostrons,” who have made the Bleeding Tower their home. The Ostrons scavenge the old dormant Orokin Tower nearby to harvest biomechanical tissue. The town is the hub of the map where players can restock their supplies or find quests to accomplish in the plains.

Warframe - The Void

The Rest of the Map

Outside Cetus is an area populated with familiar and new hostile enemies to defeat, including the huge tree-like Eidolons. A clip one of the developers posted on their Twitter shows one casually strolling through a Grineer camp getting mortared. Obviously, they are a challenge to defeat. The Grineer camps studying the ruins will also be a roadblock to anyone who is just trying to collect resources or explore.

Speaking of exploring, players can use their Archwing at will, whether for general air travel or battle. Resources are scattered throughout the area, providing many opportunities to harvest them. There are caverns, mines, rivers, streams and other resource-rich points to find. Just be careful at night because that’s when old ghosts or things that are supposed to be dead since the Old War lurk.

Things to be Excited About

Other features that were announced with this expansion include a new glass-themed Warframe, as well as the access to Hydroid Prime (which came out last August). A trailer for Umbra-themed frames was shown with the caption “All miracles require sacrifice…” Don’t forget to stock up on Warframe Platinum so that you can elevate your gameplay.

At any rate, the Warframe’s might not come out with the expansion, in particularly for the Umbra frames. Well, what we do know is that the expansion is coming this fall season. Expect more news and information to be released. Also, make sure to check out some goodies on the Warframe Marketplace at PlayerAuctions. Good luck, Tenno.


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