Explore the Psychologically Horror Games For The Scared Child In You

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What, really is a video game?

Games are something that is usually meant for fun or sometimes for educational purpose. There are many games like soccer or racing games that require people to have some physical movement too. Additionally, there are other games viz., jigsaw puzzles, chess, etc. which involves more methodical brain activities as well.

Games are also played for pastime or credits. They can be played alone or in teams, online and offline, by beginner or by pros alike.

Games also help to develop reflexive skills. These skills may come in the form of muscle memory exercises or even educational skills (e.g., mathematical, geographical, biological, etc,.). And some games even help you delve into exploring the psychological limits of your own mind. If you are looking for such gaming experiences, you can actually pick up gaming consoles and hardware by getting discounts from Currys to save lots of bills.

In particular, there are many horror games of such kind that will let your goosebumps fester and bubble under frightful experiences. Have a look at a few below for such a galvanizing effect.

  • Bloody Disgusting- Visage

Visage is a survival game which takes place in a house with a terrible history. The families who lived here were fiercely murdered and others went insane and committed suicide.

It’s a single-player survival game where you would find a weird mirror that keeps on transporting itself from upstairs to downstairs. You have to deal with the attic, where you will find a rocking chair, which rocks by its own. It’s the same chair that you will see in the mirror, which is kept in the attic.

After heading and venturing through the attic, you will land directly in the bedroom. Here, the game becomes super-weird, and the atmosphere becomes amazingly prognostic!

The storyline coupled with the customized gameplay and photorealistic environments, along with the real nightmarish images, would give you a real frightful experience in the game.

  • Psychedelic Horror – The Park

Similar to Visage, it’s also a single person survival game. As the name suggests, ‘The Park” takes place in the Atlantic Island Park. The storyline of the game is simple yet panicky.

Lorraine, a single struggling mother, and a widow with a disturbed past has a son named Callum. One fine day, all of a sudden, Callum gets lost in Atlantic Island Park. She enters the park searching for her son and discovers the park being abandoned and rundown since many years.

But still, the lights and the rides in the park are functioning mysteriously. As you keep on playing and board different rides, it reveals the themes and backstory of the game.

Warning!! This game contains adult subject matter that might prove emotionally distressing to some. Player discretion is always advised!!

  • Lucius- The Murderer Boy!

Lucius is another psychological horror game centered on a six-year-old boy who has murdered his whole family. The boy, Lucius uses telekinetic powers to control and create deadly accidents. Additionally, it leads to the deaths of several residents.

The more people he kills, the more powerful he becomes. Later, a detective starts investigating the killings and starts looking for the murderer too. Lucius’ father finds the grandfather’s book and realizes that he had hid some horrible things from the family.

Gradually, Lucius battles with priests and with his father.

Have you played the above mentioned games? If not, then what are you waiting for? Get these games from the web and gear up for some of the spine-chilling events that will gradually unfold for you.

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