Extinction Gamplay Trailer Reveals Ogre Limb Cutting And Jumping

If you want to play as a sword-wielding warrior who must protect civilians while jumping around cutting off giant ogre limbs, then you have Maximum Games and Iron Galaxy’s Extinction to look forward to. The latest gameplay trailer shows a lot of jumping and cutting sprinkled throughout, while Extinction is set to debut across PC, PS4 and Xbox One early 2018.

If you want to see more of Extinction whether its E3 trailer piqued your interest or that the game seems like something you’d like to play, a new gameplay trailer is out for you to look over.

Joining the gameplay trailer comes a description that is featured on the video’s “show more” section that details a bit of the world and lore behind Extinction.

Peering into the story, although some of it was covered back in June during E3, the ogre-like creatures are known as Ravenii. The waves upon waves of ogres show no mercy and will wipe out anything that crosses their path. As of course, this strikes a real problem in that there is only one person who can stop this horde and the only one capable of fixing this doomsday situation is the last trained Sentinel. Inhabiting powers that make the Sentinel capable of defeating the ogres and their minions before time runs out, more powers and abilities lie ahead only for the worthy.

In other words, Iron Galaxy found inspiration while working on Killer Instinct and has you basically playing as Jago against an onslaught of giant Gargoses and Eyedols. If that seems interesting, the official gameplay trailer lies below.

Speed and strategy is said to be key to surviving against the army of ogres, however that can be bolstered through new weapons and armor types that can turn grim times in your favor. Additionally, if you like to sprint across rooftops or use buildings and canopies as a means to escape the clutches of deadly ogres, expect a lot of that to happen when Extinction drops for the masses to consume early 2018.

More information on this game lies over on extinction.com.


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