Football Manager 2018 Scouting Center Features Data Analysis, Player Stats
Football Manager 2018

Sports Interactive’s upcoming Football Manager 2018 is due for release on November 10th next month, and leading up to the release the developers have been focusing on different aspects of the game, giving gamers a detailed look at all of the new overhauled features and content.

This latest promotional video that they’ve put out features content creator Joe Thomlinson, from Football Daily, giving gamers a nice rundown of the new scouting network and utility featured in Football Manager 2018.

You can check out the video below to get the beef.

As pointed out in the video, Sports Interactive decided to completely overhaul the recruiting and signing process in order to mirror the real life aspects of tracking data, hunting down the stats, and eventually signing the player.

In the near seven minute video, Thomlinson explains that things get hot and heavy with the new scouting center. From here players will use the scouting database in order to look for new players, backroom teams, and even management.

A new player report card breaks down the player’s stats, as well as new scout ratings. You can also use your scouts in two new modes where you can either have them do short term or long term scouting. In the short term you can designate how quickly they can scout for a new player and they’ll give you feedback on the player they’ve scouted. In the long term they’ll scout for players over an indefinite amount of time, using whatever criteria you specify in the search terms.

Whatever they find will be relayed back to you through the scouting center, complete with a rating by the scout.

In the video it’s explained that short term scouting is good for scouting for a player during a transfer window or to find a player before they complete a transfer.

Additionally, you can pick and choose how much of your budget goes into scouting. Obviously, more money put into scouting means better scouting.

They’ve also implemented new scouting packages, so that gamers will be able to identify the best options for recruiting new players for your team.

Thomlinson also goes over the new data analysis feed implemented into Football Manager 2018, which allows you to utilize analytical data to find and compare players. Data analysts working on your staff and can be hired to run the numbers to give you feedback on players, team, and league data. Just like every other aspect of the game, the more money you invest into your data analysts, the better their analytical reports will be and the more useful they will be.

You can look for Football Manager 2018 to drop on November 10th next month, and if you need more info you can either visit the official website or the Steam store page.


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