Going for GO: Reasons to Play Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Counter Strike Global Offensive

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In today’s FPS scene, there are lots of titles to choose from, with each one taking pride of having a unique metagame. In such a diverse scene, why go for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), as the first choice for a first-person shooter (FPS)? It’s considered as dated and “barebones” graphically and mechanics-wise by certain gamers that are into the genre. CSGO continues to be one of the biggest shooters out there, and for good reasons. Other than Cheap CSGO Skins, let’s talk about the reason.

Basic Yet Profound

If simplicity is beauty, then CSGO is one of the most beautiful shooters. In CSGO, there are only a few vital elements other than the game itself. At the core of it all is the gameplay, which is easy to pick up.

Join or host a match, fulfill objectives depending on the map (or just take out the opposing team), and get better at shooting and maneuvering as you play. Aside from the fun, the game has a ranking system, the FPS counterpart of leveling up in MOBAs, and CSGO Skins (items that replace their weapon models with colorful ones). Each game grants EXP needed to rank up; play often and you’ll rack up enough of it to rank up. Play regularly and have a chance to win CSGO skins.

Of course, it’s easy to move, run, take cover, duck, and pull the trigger, but knowing how and when takes time to excel. In fact, it takes more time to learn how to come up with strategies, both individually and collectively. This “easy to pick up, hard to master” philosophy that lies beneath its straightforward façade and mechanics is what makes CSGO a great shooter that’s a crowd favorite by esports enthusiasts.

Boots on the Ground

Another good thing about CSGO is that everyone’s on a level playing field. No attributes. No gear. No overpowered weapons. Just players divided into two teams shooting their enemies. It doesn’t matter whether if someone plays every day or once in a few weeks, the only thing that does matter is skill. Even skill isn’t a guaranteed victory or loss since even a complete newbie can beat a pro, given the right circumstances.

Arms and People

The modest collection of guns is also a big plus for CSGO players. Although the game doesn’t give players lots of guns to choose, it’s more than made up by how faithful they are to the real-life models they’re based on. Also, each gun is different from another one; they vary in range, the rate of fire, and other parameters. For example, a Glock is different than a P250 because they have different specializations (the former is for close-range encounters, while the latter is for mid-ranged ones).

Anyhow, we can’t forget about the community. CSGO has hundreds of thousands of players! Trading, or even just appreciating CSGO skins, being updated in the pro-scene, and even something as basic as sharing memes, the CSGO global community, despite not seeing eye-to-eye, the fans loves the game because it has a sense of togetherness.

CSGO has not only endured, but also succeeded in today’s gaming landscape. It’s likely that the game will continue to do so for years to come. So, if you’re planning to pick up the game, there’s no better time than now.


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